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Teddy | Labradoodle | Santa Ana | In Training

This is Teddy the year and half old Labradoodle from Santa Ana. He is a sweet, playful, and very smart love bug. He is joining our two week Board and Train program because he is a a lot to handle on walks, bolts out of his house, and in general needs a better attention span with his parents. He is already an awesome pup, but I can't wait to see how he and his personality blossom over the next two weeks!

Teddy exploring his new surroundings!


Pupdate 03/29/2020

Teddy started off the afternoon a bit shy and unsure but has been slowly but surely coming out of his shell. We did an easy introduction to the E-collar and a couple basics at the park today, which he is taking to super quickly! He has a bit of new place jitters getting in the way of his appetite but that should change in the next day or so. His playfulness really blossomed this evening when we discovered a crinkly squeaky toy that is his absolute favorite thing. So far he has been an absolute angel in the kennel and is getting along well with everybody!


Pupdate 03/30/2020

Teddy slept through the whole night like a baby! He still isn't the hungriest pup, but he got to meet his two playmates in an afternoon play session. He is quite a demanding play partner so he needs reminders to give other dogs space here and there but he absolutely adores Nico and likes to follow him around everywhere he goes nudging at him to play. It got a little hot for him after the photo shoot so we took off his sweater. Other than not being super hungry he is doing awesome!

Teddy came such a long way in his first lesson! He is already starting to get the basics of Heel and Come. He kept a tight inline heel with me even when he saw a lady walking her dog 20ft or so from us which is a pretty big deal this early on with such a friendly boy.


Pupdate 03/31/2020

Teddy is doing great today! We learned he needs some peace and quiet away from the other two dogs to feel comfortable eating, but with that discovery he ate a nice big lunch and even licked his bowl. He slept well through the night and made some great progress during his lesson. We worked on his recall, heel, and started his Sit. His heel is coming along great and his recall is solid. He is such a quick learner!


Pupdate 04/01/2020

Took Teddy outside a grocery store to up the ante on his Heel and Sit today. He did amazing! He had all kinds of people commenting on how well behaved he was and had their jaws dropping when they learned it was only his third day on the job! He did great in the kennel overnight and ate most of his breakfast first thing. He is coming along great!


Pupdate 04/02/2020

Teddy was working hard on his heel in a school parking lot today. He still has a moment or two of confusion here or there but overall is doing awesome! We also worked on his Sit's and Down's adding in some distance. He had passersby on the sidewalk outside the parking lot with kids, strollers, and other dogs all of which he handled great! He is such a smart boy and coming along so fast.


Pupdate 04/03/2020

Teddy officially has the basics of all of his commands down! We worked primarily on his Place command (get up on top of something raised and horizontal, ie. this park bench, and stay there) and his down. He still gets confused here and there but he is getting sharper and sharper! He is still being picky about his food but with enough chicken or cheese mixed in he has been eating more than he needs! He has been an angel about the kennel the past couple days. He is really seeing it as his off duty spot.


Pupdate 04/04/2020

Teddy just finished scarfing down his whole dinner in just about one bite! We went to a small shopping center to work on Heel, Down, and Sit. He is doing a great job and is working through distractions better than ever. We are slowly working him at further and further distances, which is pretty hard for mister Teddy since he is a cuddle bug, but he did fantastic today. Can't wait to see how much more he is going to grow over the next week!


Pupdate 04/05/2020

Teddy worked in front of Home Depot today and did fantastic! we practiced his Heel, Distance Sit, and Distance Down. He absolutely nailed it, he is coming along so well! He is eating great, doing awesome in the kennel and can't wait to show of his skills for his family!


Pupdate 04/06/2020

Teddy's lesson was inside today working on duration and high distraction Place command. He was an absolute rock star! He maintained his Place command even with other dogs, toys, and treats luring him off! He was so tired after the lesson he napped on place for a few hours. He is still eating great and he sometimes even goes into his kennel with out being told to do so!


Pupdate 04/07/2020

Teddy working on his Sit's and Downs during respites from the rain! He isn't the hugest fan of all the wetness but is listening none the less. He we specifically worked on Teddy's tendency to want to come to you when you ask him to Sit/Down. We worked through this with whats called a back tie which is a secondary leash to keep him in one place when being asked to do commands. He wasn't the biggest fan of the set up initially but got it down quick!


Pupdate 04/08/2020

Teddy went to the park today to practice his Heel, Sit's, and Down. We weren't able to get up close to the birds since the pond/fountains were closed, but Teddy worked through them as a distant distraction. We did a few to many Down's yesterday so he was defaulting into them a lot today and needed some clarification here and there, but he is all around doing great! We did a pretty long session for Mr. Teddy but his stamina for his obedience gets better daily!


Pupdates 04/09/2020

Teddy has gotten a bit more used to all this rain! We focused on distance and duration of his place command today. He is doing great and is excited to get to go home soon!


Pupdate 04/10/2020

Teddy worked on his final video today and he was a total rock star! He is ready to go home to his mom who has missing him to the moon and back. He has come a very long way in two weeks.


Pupdate 04/11/2020

Teddy is all ready to go home! He got an extra long evening play session and is wiped out, he is going to miss these two. I can't wait to show his mom how much he has learned tomorrow!


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