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Canine Marker Training SoCal

Balanced Canine Training SoCal is happy to offer Marker training options in the Greater Los Angeles area. Contact us today to book your Marker training.

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 6 Week Basic Marker Training Lessons

Each lesson is one on one, including the trainer, you (pet parents), and your canine (aged 4 months - 1 year). This class is taught by use of treats and a clicker only. No e-collar, prong collar, slip lead, etc. Lessons are one hour in length. **Pet parents must bring their own treats to each lesson** Offered throughout the Greater Los Angeles area

Positive Treat Training Lessons– $500

  • Come (1 lesson)

  • Sit (2 lessons)

  • Place (1 lesson)

  • Introduction to Heel (2 lessons)

Marker Board and Train-6 weeks

Our 6 Week Marker Board and Train works well for canines aged four (4) months – 1 year. Training will be completed around neighborhood environments and lower leveled distractions. Offered throughout the Greater Los Angeles area

6 Week Marker Board and Train- on leash $7500

  • Come and Sit- come and sit within arms reach of you

  • Extended sit- canine holds a seated position 

  • Place and Extended Place- canine jumps onto an object designated by you and holds position

  • Heel- canine walks within proximity/alongside you

  • Down and Extended Down- canines elbows touch the ground in a down position

  • Greeting Manners- politely greets others in a seated position

  • Car Manners- waits for the cue to load into/out of the vehicle 

An in-home consultation is required prior to the start of the 6 Week Marker Board and Train. The consultation costs $250. That will then be credited towards the total cost of the training program. 

** Your canine must be food motivated. Marker Training does not work for all canines and clients. Clients of canines who display resource guarding issues, protective behaviors, aggression to humans/canines, or are looking for faster results should look into our other training programs. **

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