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Balanced Canine Training SoCal
New Client Form

Thank you for choosing Balanced Canine Training SoCal for your dog training needs. This questionnaire will be shared with your trainer to make sure that your K9 gets the best care. Thank you again for choosing Balanced Canine Training SoCal's Board & Train program.

* Animals who go into heat during training will be returned to owner immediately.  Owner will forfeit all fees used and remainder will be refunded within 30 days

*All canines are kindly asked to be taking a medication for fleas ticks and heartworm prevention. This is a disqualification for training with Balanced Canine Training SoCal

*This is not a disqualification from training.  Owners will be asked to pay an additional $250 to cover cleaning costs associated with non-house broken animals.  Housebroken animals are known to use the outdoors exclusively for urination and deification

Potty Trained is defined as a canine who does not urinate or defecate inside.

Add potty training to your training package for an additional $375 (2 & 3 Week Board & Train programs only)

* Not all goals are accomplishable in the designated training timelines

Please send your dogs most recent vaccinations (which include RABIES, DHPP, AND BORDETELLA along with an image of your dog in .PDF, .JPG, or .PNG format. Please use your Dogs name, along with your last name as the subject line of the email
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