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Balanced Canine Training SoCal
Dog Intake Form

Below you can find the instructions and guidelines as to how to fully complete the pickup of a new canine. 

*Any time you meet with a client for pickup, drop off (turnover), lessons, evaluations, consultations, etc. you must be wearing your OLSC t-shirt.

Pickups average around 15 minutes but can take as long as 30 minutes.


Details of the date, time, location, and where exactly the clients can find you should have been provided in your Introduction Email. 


Always greet the clients by knowing their name and their pups name. It helps you remain professional.

Ask the following questions and fill in the answers:

Did the owner provide a measuring device for the food?

Complete the ‘nose to tail’ inspection with the client present:

This consists of a visual and physical inspection of the canine. (mark Yes or No)

Upload File

If the canine has any stitches, staples, or very large open wounds contact (call) Sheena immediately to determine the course of action (pictures texted would be helpful).

What to take and what not to take from the client.

  • Take the necessary food! You do not need to take additional treats. If you do, only take one bag. 

  • Take off ALL of the clients gear and replace it with your gear. You should not be training on any of the clients gear. The less equipment/possessions you take the less you have to keep track of.

  • Do not take large blankets, dog beds, numerous toys, etc.

Before parting from the clients inform them they will receive an email before 5pm that consists of the pups daily blog link. That is where they can check in to see the updates and progress of their canine. If they have any additional questions they are always welcome to reach out via email!

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