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Dakota Kennels


Dakota 283 was created to give people products that stand the test of time for their dogs. I love my dogs as much as anyone loves their dogs, it is a personal relationship not just a pet. Dakota 283 makes products that fit the dog culture perfectly. Our goal for everything we make is to have products that work in difficult environments. They are tools that should not be worried about, light and easy to transport while being tough when they need to be tough. People should not have to worry about the function of their products- Greg Cronkhite CEO/Creator


The D283 Hero Kennel is constructed of military grade materials developed and tested in the harshest environments. This kennel is perfect for those that have aggressive dogs or those who are just looking for an additional layer of security. Astounding for military, police, or hunting dogs, the D283 Hero Kennel has triple door locking capability, stainless steel door, and components that provide the ultimate in Unparalleled Pet Performance. 

HERO Features:

  • Stainless Steel Door that will stand the test of time.

  • Lockable, keyed paddle latch will keep pets safe from theft.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel piano hinge eliminates droop over time.

  • Great ventilation on the door enables the owner to still see the pet, but small enough that most dogs can not chew on the mesh.

  • Heavy-duty north and south button lock hatch on door enables extra security for aggressive dogs. Fully Stainless steel, able to open/close with one hand

  • Slammable door with no pin system or two-handed operations. Simply put the dog in the kennel and close the door with one hand. No sweat!

  • Enough holes for ventilation, but also able to accommodate insulated covers in cold weather environments.

  • Military-grade design and material that’s sturdy and impact resistant. Materials used in the most rugged designs in Military operations.

  • Solid molded-in handles on each side to make it easy to transport and put into vehicles.  Handles are also great tie-down areas through the molded-in handles. Easy to secure in place into any vehicle.

  • Heavy duty but light enough to move easily.

  • Drainage hole for easy cleaning. No scrubbing, simply turn over the empty kennel and hose it out.

  • Mike Ritland approved.

  • Molded and assembled in the USA.  Dakota molds the kennels in PA and assembles the kennel right in the factory. 

G3 Features:

  • Easy-Grip Handle

  • Keyed Paddle Latching Door

  • Large Ventilation Holes: 20 per side in the upper section of the kennel – 40 total 

  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole

  • Recess for Crate Stacking (Kit Sold Separately-G3 line only)

  • Molded and assembled in the USA.

Dakota Kennel Sizes and Dimensions - Call to Order

Interior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions/Weight
Door Opening
2D Side Entry
28.9L x 19.6 x 26.25H
31L x 21.5W x 29.5H/ Weight: 43 lbs
16.5W x 21.5H
Original Kennebec
31.8L X 20.4W x 22.25H
35.2L x 23.75W x 24.25H/ Weight: 36 lbs
16.5W x 21.5H
T1 Low Profile Kennel
24.8L x 18.75W x 19.5H
30L x 21.5W x 20H/ Weight: 25 lbs
16.44W x 16.375H
Jet Stream Airline
31.8L X 20.4W x 22.25H
35.2L x 23.75W x 24.25H/ Weight: 36 lbs
 16.5W x 21.5H
G3 X-Large Framed Kennel
36L x 23.75W x 29.25H
 38.5L x 25.5W x 29.5H/ Weight: 59 lbs
16.5W x 21.5H
G3 Medium Framed Kennel
28.5L x 19.8W x 25.2H
31L x 21.5W x 25.5H/ Weight: 37 lbs
16.5W x 21.5H
G3 Large Framed Kennel
33L x 22.8W x 26.2H
35.2L x 24.5W x 26.5H/ Weight: 46 lbs
16.5W x 21.5H
Dakota Hero Kennel
35L x 18.5W x 27.75H
40.25L x 26W x 30.1H/ Weight 54lbs
13.25W x 21.75H
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