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Mumu | Goldendoodle | San Marino, CA | In-Training


Pupdate 10/3/2021

Mumu did good today! He didn’t want to eat right away but eventually ate in the late afternoon. He didn’t want dinner and rested most of the evening. He did take a treat and seems to be settling in well!


Pupdate 10/4/2021

Hi Lisa! Today we worked on place to sit and come to sit with Mumu at the Westfield mall. He caught on fairly quickly! I put the pumpkin topper on his food like you suggested and he’s eating well.


Pupdate 10/5/2021

Hi there!

Today Mumu worked on place to sit, come to sit, and down. He did great and enjoyed the park! He’s still eating well and energetic!


Pupdate 10/6/2021

Hello there!

Mumu worked on place to sit, come to sit, and down today as well as doorway and food manners! He sits well and waits. We worked on distractions while walking along a fence with a dog park on the other side. On his way back from walking you’ll notice he did lunge at one of the dogs but got better as we continued to pass. He’s listening better everyday! We’ve been having playtime in the evenings. He loves playing with his toys!


Pupdate 10/7/2021


Mumu went to Lincoln Park today and had lots of distractions with the geese and ducks! We practiced his heel while we walked past the ducks. It took Mumu a little while to keep his focus on the commands. We also worked on place to sit and come to sit with longer durations of time keeping him in each command.

He’s doing better everyday!


Pudate 10/08/2021


Mumu had a great time at Pan Pacific Park today! We practiced his heel which he's getting much better at! He's not pulling like he used to. He's also improving with his distractions and learning to focus more. He knows come to place as you can see him sitting on different objects! He's very smart!


Pupdate 10/09/2021

Hi there!

Mumu enjoyed his time at Santa Monica Pier today! There were lots of different distractions but he acclimated well! He’s improving on his heel with less of a leash tension on him. He did a great job on his come to sit and his place to sit with a good duration of time waiting! He had a busy day!


Pupdate 10/10/2021


Mumu worked on his heel with much less leash tension and did really good today! His come to sit is much better as well. He has great door manners and getting into the crate in the car is always exciting for him because he knows he’s going on an adventure! Today was a wonderful day for him!


Pupdate 10/11/2021

Good afternoon!

Mumu had a wonderful time at LaBrea tar pits today! We worked on his heel with little to no leash! He’s improving a lot! We’ve been having play time at night when he has the most energy and his appetite is increasing with all of the exercise!


Pupdate 10/12/2021

Hi there!

Mumu had so much fun working on his heel at Westfield Topanga today! He did really well staying close to me with little leash tension to no leash at all! He still gets slightly distracted but is improving a lot! He enjoys his play time at night!


Pupdate 10/13/2021

Hey there!

Mumu worked on his heel today with little to no leash! He’s improving and getting less distracted! He’s listening very well! He’s been enjoying his treats at the end of the day for all of his hard work!


Pupdate 10/14/2021


Mumu had a great time at Venice Beach today! We worked on his heel with no leash! He’s getting better with staying closer as we heel. He enjoys the sunshine and exercise daily!


Good evening!

Mumu hung out on Hollywood Blvd today! He heeled well but had moments of veering off so I had to keep him on track to stay closer to me. He also shakes his head on/off occasionally. We also worked on his heeling going up/down stairs. He’s improving everyday and enjoyed his outing!


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