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Briggs | Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier | Long Beach, CA | In Training

This is Briggs an 11 month old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier from Long Beach, CA. He is an overly friendly and hyper active boy who is here for a Two Week Board and Train Program. He is a sweetheart but likes to nip at his Mom's ankles and is near impossible to walk between his pulling and his friendly nature. I can't wait to see how much this boy is going to learn in the next 2 weeks!!


Pupdate 08/02/2020

Briggs is getting all settled in! We did an introduction to the E-collar and some light work on his recall in a first lesson and he has been happily napping since! He is such a sweet cuddly boy!


Pupdate 08/03/2020

Briggs is still getting settled in! Like Mom suspected, he hasn't had much of an appetite, so far he hasn't eaten. We will get creative with dinner and see what we can do! He is otherwise doing pretty awesome! He is having a little trouble adjusting to being kenneled overnight but that is normal, he got a little anxiety in the middle of the night and had some definite opinions about when he should get to wake up! We worked on his Recall, Sit, and started laying the foundation for his Heel today and his is coming along great.

Mr. Briggs ate his whole dinner! He did need it heated up with a little cheese on top but he ate every last bite!



Briggs worked really hard today! We went on a walk around the block. Mr. Briggs started off not even having an ounce of impulse control! He wanted to sniff, pee, and run around on every single patch of grass in sight. By the end of the walk though he was confidently walking past all the telephone poles, grass, and even a couple humans (at a 6+ social distance!) with his head high, right next to me, with out any leash tension! He even calmly sat at my side up a driveway a bit as a very curious lab walked past us.


Pupdate 08/05/2020

Briggs had a bit of anxiety in the Kennel last night, but still worked his little tail off today. He did two long sessions one in the backyard and one at a school parking lot. He officially has the basics of all of his commands! In the backyard session we worked on his Sit, Down, and Place commands. At the school parking lot Briggs practiced his Heel dragging his lead the whole time! He still isn't eating as much as he needs to, but we are trying everything we can!


Pupdate 08/06/2020

Briggs had his best night in the Kennel yet! He also worked on all his commands very hard in our two lessons today! We started getting a little bit of distance with his Sit and Place commands and he started to learn to auto-correct to the proper Heel side when starting off on the wrong one! He is still not eating enough, nothing with breakfast and so far he hasn't eaten any of his offered dinner. He still hasn't even lost an ounce of weight or an ounce of his spunky-ness though!

It took a little creative acting on my part but as long as Mr. Brigg's thought that I wanted to eat chicken with him he was happy to gobble up 2 whole cups of it!


Pupdate 08/07/2020

Briggs had a big day today! He did his main lesson in a space between a Dog Park, a Skate Park, and some tennis courts! He worked primarily on his Heel and his Place with distractions while we were there. he is coming along awesome, although today he was a little over enthusiastic about his recall, he kept going to far around me in his excitement. He wouldn't eat breakfast but did take 2 cups of chicken for dinner, so there is progress! He even managed to gain a little weight.


Pupdate 08/08/2020

Mr. Briggs is starting to look pretty impressive! We worked really hard on his Place command and getting some significant distance from him and he did awesome! He also ate both of his meals today! Still just the chicken, but I am hoping to add some rice or kibble tomorrow. I'm just so happy he is eating!


Pupdate 08/10/2020

Briggs working with out any leash direction in the backyard! He has come such a long way this week and I am so excited to see how much more progress he will make in the next! We worked on a bit of everything in the backyard today, Briggs did a very long Place command with not only distance but with out me being able to see him (or so he thought) and after he conquered his anxiety about being alone he got to meet Mr. Nico! They were fast friends and Briggs played very appropriately! He was a little timid at first, but was polite about communicating his boundaries (disengaging and getting space instead of snapping or growling), then as he got comfortable he was super excited and happy but never got in Nico's face or tried to mount him. Over all he is a ten out of ten play mate once he is acclimated!


Pupdate 08/10/2020

Briggs worked at a shopping center today! He was Placing, Recalling, Sitting, and Downing like a champ all while dragging the lead! He was called well behaved and handsome by several passersby! He is also starting to jump into the kennel in my car with out any help, which was a pretty big deal for him!


Pupdate 08/11/2020

Briggs is coming along great! We worked on getting some real distance and duration with his commands today. He even had a very nice (so very distracting) lady walk up and around Brigg's while he was doing a duration/distance Sit and comment on how well behaved he is. Briggs managed to keep his cool and stay seated even though he wanted to break his command and say hi more than anything in the world! He also did a socialization session with both Kylo and Nico! He was pretty intimidated by the two dogs playing and typically stayed a few feet away, but particularly towards the end of the session was getting in the action here and there! He is also eating his kibble now! I am still giving him the chicken but adding 1 to 2 scoops of his kibble in along with it and so far he has been chowing down on all of it! He is even gaining a little weight.


Pupdate 08/12/2020

Briggs is working hard! He did two long sessions at the dog park and some socialization before bed today! He practiced getting on new or "scary" Places to build his confidence, Heeling past his kryptonite (children), and maintain his Downs/Sits with ducks wandering all around! He also gained his full confidence with playmates and went full throttle today in an evening play session.


Pupdate 08/13/2020

Brigg's worked really hard today! He did his first good "puppy push up" (going from a Sit to a Down to a Sit). This helps him learn the difference between to two. He also worked on his Place to Place (going from one "Place" to another on command) and he did such a great job I gave him an extra long play session. While he did get a little "mounty", it only took telling him Off a few times before he understood that is wasn't allowed here. I can't wait to get to film his final video and show off all his new skills to his mom!


Pupdate 08/14/2020

Briggs is almost ready to go home. We worked on a few parts of his final video he is doing awesome! He has come such a long in the past two weeks and will be so missed! He is even eating his kibble straight with no helpers!


Pupdate 08/15/2020

Briggs is such a sweet boy! He finished all his filming and is all packed up to go home in the morning! Kylo and Nico will both miss their daily play time with him I'm sure!!


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