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Jingyi | Siberian Husky | Laguna Hills, CA | In Training

This is Jingyi! She is a two year old Siberian Husky from Laguna Hills, CA. Jingyi is a sweet high energy girl who is here for our Two Week Board and Train Program to learn how to focus on Mom and Dad in public and work on a bit of her separation anxiety. She is even tempered and quiet but chews and scratches when left alone and doesn't come when called. I can't wait to see how much this girl is going to learn and grow over the next 14 days!


Pupdate 08/16/2020

Jingyi got well acquainted with her temporary digs this afternoon! She is quite fascinated with marking just about every blade of grass I have back there! She was even so excited she did some zoomies at one point. She is actually pretty comfortable in the kennel so far. She is going into it very easily and not making a whole lot of noise once shut in there. She picked at her dinner a little but hasn't worked up and appetite yet, like we suspected might happen. I am so excited to get to start with this girls first lesson tomorrow, she is such a sweet and gorgeous girl!


08/17/2020 Pupdate

Jingyi did awesome in her first night in the kennel and didn't make a peep all night! She does occasionally lightly protest here and there while she is in there during the day but that is to be expected! She wasn't particularly hungry this morning and only pushed around her breakfast, but worked up quite the appetite by this evening and scarfed up every last bit of her dinner! She got introduced to the E-Collar today and then later we worked on her Recall and some of the initial basics that lead into her Heel command. She did really great! She is so smart and started anticipating and offering up commands only a few minutes in! While we will work on the anticipation, we want her waiting to hear what we want her to do, not having her always jumping the gun, it does show how smart and eager to please she is!


Pupdate 08/18/2020

Jingyi is doing great! She ate both her meals today and made a ton of progress in her lessons. She had a bit of a rougher night in the kennel, she woke up and had some words about having to sleep in there a few times, but It's completely normal for a pup who isn't used to it to take some time to adjust! Her recall is progressing nicely and she is starting to engage in a lot more eye contact which I am super happy about. We started some work on her Heel today and she is coming into it very nicely. Between her lessons on a quick potty/play break (it was much to hot to have her out in the middle of the day today) she found a ball she really loves. She was tossing it about, chasing it under things, and even brought it to me to be thrown a time or two. over all I am really happy with how she is responding and can't wait to see how much progress she makes in the next couple days!


Pupdate 08/19/2020

Jingyi made some progress showing off her Heel at the park today! She is coming along well and I am so proud of what a quick learner she is! last night she did very well in the kennel and has been a playful sweetheart all day. She wasn't super hungry this evening and didn't quite finish her dinner ( had fun pushing it around a lot though!).


Pupdate 08/20/2020

Jingyi did most of an evening walk dragging her leash behind her! Her Heel has come such a long way! Her biggest hurtle is having the impulse control to not sniff everything in sight. Her new favorite move is to do a "drive by sniff", she doesn't break her heel but tries to get as much of a scent as she can as she passes by! She is eating well and had another good night in the kennel. She still has some anxiety during the day, but typically it's do to seeing another pup getting to go out to work!


Pupdate 08/21/2020

This little girl is starting to look so sharp! She started to learn a side correction (if she is started or ends up not on the left to move there) , she started work on her Come to Heel (to get into Heel position if your walking and Recalling at the same time) and we worked on her Duration Sit and Duration Placing! She is eating and kenneling awesome and is getting more confident in her commands!


Pupdate 08/22/2020

Jingyi's main lesson today was at a small shopping center. She is doing so great! She worked on her duration/distance Sit, duration/distance Down, and duration/distance Place. She has come so far in her first week I am so proud of her!


Pupdate 08/23/2020

Jingyi is doing absolutely awesome. We focused on her Recall today and even made you guys a little bit of an instructional video! Before filming we worked on some far distance recalls I had a 50ft lead with me and Jingyi did absolutely awesome. This video is intended to give you a light introduction to what her recall looks like, how to practice it, and a feel for how I use the E-collar to achieve it. I will be going into more detail with you during your lesson but feel free to email me any questions you have!


Pupdate 08/24/2020

Jingyi worked on a little of everything at the local Boys and Girls club. She did some placing on weird things (that rock was a scary one for her!) and overall she is looking really good! She has even been volunteering going into the kennel when she is tired after a lesson!


Pupdate 08/25/2020

Jingyi helped me make a video teaching her place command! Just like the Recall video this is meant to give you guys a light introduction to what the command is and how to use/practice it and we will go over even more detail on Sunday! Over all she is doing really well and is going to be so excited to show off her new skills this weekend!


Pupdate 08/26/2020

Jingyi is doing absolutely awesome! She did several lessons today. We went to the park and practiced a bit of everything, we worked on Puppy Push Ups in the backyard and she did a SUPER duration Place a few feet from her fellow trainee Geronimo for 2 hours while I was in my evening class via Zoom!


Pupdate 08/27/2020

Jingyi is doing great! She's got two days of final video filming to do and she is going to be on her way home! We filmed a lesson on her Heel today. She has begun to really love her Place cot! She did a long duration Place while I was in class today and when I released her, she went and got some water, a toy, and then came back to her Place board!


Pupdate 08/28/2020

The big Momma worked on her final video today! I can't believe how far this girl has come in two weeks! She is going to be so excited to go home this weekend and show her parents all the new stuff she has learned!


Pupdate 08/29/2020

The little girl is all packed up and ready to go home! She has been so much fun to work with and will be greatly missed!


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