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Zelda|Malti-Poo/Cocker|Rancho Cucamonga

Zelda is a one year old Multi-Poo/Cocker, from Rancho Cucamonga. She loves to romp around with her siblings a rottie and her brother. She is a super sweet snuggler who loves to play fetch. Her favorite thing to do is be in your arms, and get loved on all day. She needs to learn some basic manners, and leash walking skill on and off leash. This sweet girl, and her two siblings are here for our Two-Week Board and Train. Watch her and them learn so much these next two weeks!

Pupdate 09/06/20

Due to the crazy heat going on, we stayed inside until it got darker. I introduced the e collar and let her get use to her new living arrangements. We ended the night with a walk around the neighborhood to get her settled in. She did not want her eat her dinner, which is very normal for her first day so we will try again in the morning.

Pupdate 09/07/20

Zelda had her first lesson today. We learned come, sit, and break. She is a little nervous about anything new but we are working on it. She definitely enjoys the break command and her down time in her crate!

Pupdate 09/08/20

Zelda went on a walk and we worked on ignoring other people or dogs. She added some new place objects and we worked on her down.

Pupdate 09/09/20


Zelda worked her loose leash walking today at the park. Along with increasing her place objects and down command. She's eating all her food consistently. She is also coming around to new people, today she met my nephew.

Pupdate 09/10/20

Zelda went to a new park today and worked on some new and exciting place objects. We added duration to her place and down. She's eating like a champ and is now sleeping through the night.

Pupdate 09/11/20

Zelda went to a new park today to work on her heel. She also worked on her down and recall, adding distance. She is eating all her food and likes playing fetch on her down time. We are also working on her staying focused and ignoring other people walking by.

Pupdate 09/12/20

Zelda went to the park today and worked on her dog distractions. She worked on the weave poles, down, place, and sit around Winnie the poodle, and Mercedes, the staffy.

Pupdate 09/13/20

Zelda had an exciting day today working with her siblings at a new park! We worked on the three of them heeling together along with adding distraction and duration to their other commands.

Pupdate 09/14/20

Zelda got to work on her duration and distractions today when my nephew through a dance party via zoom. We are now heeling with the leash dragging around high level distractions.

Pupdate 09/15/20

Zelda worked on heeling and recall at the park today. She's made great improvement on not reacting to others walking by. She also worked on adding duration to her place command and working on her puppy push ups.

Pupdate 09/16/20

Zelda haf an exciting day working on her off leash skills at our different parks. Adding distraction as well as working on her weaving and place to place.

Pupdate 09/17/20

Zelda worked on her off leash skill at the park when there were a bit more distractions. We worked on her duration place and recall. We also worked on her door manners and food manners.

Pupdate 09/18/20

Zelda had another exciting day going to a new park and working with her siblings! We worked on our off leash skills together! She also had the chance to meet my dog Sergeant and work on our inside skills and manners.

Pupdate 09/19/20

Zelda spent her last day getting snuggled and finishing up our final videos. She's all packed up and ready to go home tomorrow!



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