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Lola | French Bulldog | Los Angeles Ca, In‐Training

She’s a huge cuddler, she loves playing with her toys, and she’s is very smart. 3 things you don't like: Pulls on walks, pees in house & car, and “screams”/is aggressive with other dogs. Other Information: She has growled at a few kids while on walks, even if they aren’t trying to let her. Her behavior is unpredictable when we approach another dog. Even at home sometimes she gets aggressive with her brother and gets possessive of us to where she will nip and growl at her brother if he comes close by.

Pupdate 01/20/2020

Lola looks good in Black and white

Pupdate 01/21/2020

Pupdate 01/22/2020

Lola was showing some teeth.

She did great after we practice calm energy.

Pupdate 01/23/2020

Pupdate 01/24/2020

Home depot training. Loose leash heel .

Pupdate 01/25/2020

Pupdate 01/26/2020

Lola at the skate park

Pupdate 01/27/2020

Pupdate 01/28/2020

Helping Lola get over some doggie issues.

Pupdate 01/29/2020

Pupdate 01/30/2020

having lots of fun rolling around on the grass.

Place command on park bench

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