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Thor | Rotweiler | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

This is Thor, a loving happy 9 month old pup that is here for our two week Board and Train Program. Thor loves smelling all kinds of smells, especially in new environments which makes it hard for his dad to walk him on a leash. The other concerns Thor's family would like improved are: jumping on people, getting into things he shouldn't, and eating anything he can find. Keep your eyes peeled on Thor's transformation in just two weeks!

Checking out all the new smells!


PUPDATE 2/1/2021


PUPDATE 2/2/2021


PUPDATE 2/3/2021


PUPDATE 2/4/2021


PUPDATE 2/5/2021

Practicing Place with the other trainer

Thor was getting tired at the park

He LOVED rubbing on the grass. He probably did this for about 10 minutes.

Tongue out picture!

Posing with his new friend Vader

Getting pets from the other trainer. We were working on desensitization to touching his neck as he is extremely wiggly still and it is hard to get the collar around him (as seen in PUPDATE video #1). We were using treats to distract him while I was touching his neck and moving the collar up and down.


PUPDATE 2/6/2021


PUPDATE 2/7/2021


PUPDATE 2/8/2021

Playing tug-of-war!

Practicing duration place while the other trainer and I had lunch

Down command feat. a sploot


PUPDATE 2/9/2021


PUPDATE 2/10/2021


PUPDATE 2/11/2021


PUPDATE 2/12/2021

Sneak peak of what the off leash heel video will look like! Great job Thor!


PUPDATE 2/13/2021

In a duration down while watching a movie

Duration down while I eat breakfast


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