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Thor | 1 year old | Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky Mix | Yorba Linda, CA | In Training

Update #13

Taking this stud on a stroll through the park making to look so simple no matter the distractions. No pulling, no more struggles.


Update #12

Like sister like brother, they both are so quick and amazing to go from “Place” to “Load“ into the kennel. Amazing job to the both of them!


Update #11

Getting in some Geese, Squirrel, and Duck distraction in while holding a “Place” command. Fighting the urge making it look easy and perfect! Great job buddy!


Update #10

Lowes training session was a success with Thor not moving a muscle when given the command “Down” while a gentlemen came by to say hello. Also practiced some “Heel”.

Update #9

He looks so professional in this picture! We’re taking all of his training to a place I know that is crowded with people and lots of noises. Testing his confidence and obedience to do all of his commands he knows perfectly. Treat practice like it’s game day!


Update #8

Learning to “Sit” at the door and wait patently to hear the command “Come” to go through.


Update #7

Just like his sister, he has the command “Place” perfect! A ledge, a rock, a bench, doesn’t matter! He’ll make it happen with confidence! Great job buddy!


Update #6

Thor hasn’t been doing a great job with all of his commands. Here we’re doing “Come” command while families walk around with their kids, using them as distractions. Stairs aren’t an issue for this handsome guy!

Update #5

This guy is perfecting his commands more and more each day that goes by. Like his sister, he’ll get onto any object so far when told to “Place”! Proud of you buddy!


Update #4


Update #3

While getting ready to load up, Thor “Sits” patently to head to a new location to train. He’s on point looks great holding this command! Let’s see how well he does it in an environment with full of distraction!


Update #2


Update #1

Thors first day of training starts and he’s so motivated to learn. His drive is on point! We’ll be going over his new commands and correcting his behavior with jumping on people and pulling on the leash. Already learning fast with a few of his new commands. He’s in competition with his sister that’s also with us for training. Let’s see how well they both do!

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