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Tex | Miniature Schnauzer | Pasadena, CA

Let welcome Tex! Tex is a young miniature schnauzer who will be staying with us for our two week board and train. Tex lacks socialization skills with both humans and dogs so we will do put best to help manage his fears in public. Due to Tex’s fear of new and moving objects he constantly runs toward them barking and lunging. Tex currently only knows how to sit so we will be working on his commands and manners during his stay with us. Stay tuned for Tex’s training journey.

I also have a feeling that Tex may have been hesitant to eat while at home not only because he was eating wood chips like you mentioned but he may also be eating rocks. I heard him gagging and when I got to his crate he coughed up a rock.


pupdate #2


pupdate #3

please also refer to pupdate 1 to view photos that didn’t upload properly on the day of him choking on the rock.


pupdate #4


pupdate #5


pupdate #6


pupdate #7

Tex worked on food manners today and patiently waited to be released.


pupdate #8


pupdate #9


pupdate #10


pupdate #11

Practicing commands at the Americana in Glendale


pupdate #12


puodate #13

Outdoor malls have been super helpful in Tex’s training. He did bark at someone for the first time in over a week because she was getting in his personal space without asking me while i was faced the other way. While he has greatly improved, it’s important to always be aware of the fact that he can still react when uncomfortable.


pupdate #14

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