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Senna | 6 Month Old | Belgian Malinois Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In Training |

Day of drop off 05/02/2020

Senna is ready to tackle a two week board and train with OffLeash SoCal. He was found abandoned in the dessert as you young malnourished pup. Since then, he has joined a loving and caring home, where is parents know his potential. Senna is very intelligent, he learned how to potty train in just one day. However, when it comes to ANY distraction Senna looses his concentration. He will vocally let you know when he has had enough. When all is said and done, Senna will follow his commands to the potential and expectations of his parents.


Pupdate 05/03/2020


Pupdate 05/04/2020

Senna is working on some agilities today to build up his confidence and it helps to make training fun.


Pupdate 05/05/2020

Senna got some great training in today. We worked on skateboard distractions, heeling, and duration sit.


Pupdate 05/06/2020


Pupdate 05/07/2020

This big guy has putting in the work and its starting to show. Today we did the last half of our walk off leash, and he is paying attention to his commands. Can you say Good Boy Alert!!


Pupdate 05/08/2020


Pupdate 05/09/2020

Senna and the gang go to hang out in the shade and have a puppy play date. Nikita and Chaser go home tomorrow and everyone wanted to say their goodbyes.


Pupdate 05/10/2020

Senna worked on his food manners today. This pups nickname is the vacuum. Any kibble left on the ground is quickly swooped up by the big guy.


Pupdate 05/11/2020


Pupdate 05/12/2020

Senna is putting OffLeash SoCal’s next trainer Bryce through the ringer. He is learning how to take commands from different people and having to obey them. Senna has been eating and drinking water like a champ.


Pupdate 05/13/2020


Pupdate 05/14/2020

Senna is getting his last final training in before it’s time to go home. I think you will be happy to know he is perfecting his off leash heeling, along with distance come, and place to place.


Pupdate 05/15/2020

Video coming soon


Pupdate 05/16/2020

Senna loves getting his bath. He sat and enjoyed the cool water. He is ready to go home.


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