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Labrador Retriever - Dog Training | Roger | Brea, CA

Roger, a Labrador Retriever from Brea, Ca went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board & Train dog training program. Roger was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid.

Roger the Labrador is joining us for our Two Week Board and Train. He is a smart, playful boy, but he needs to improve on his manners. He likes to steal things that aren't his, talk like his beagle sister, he has separation anxiety, and loves to play the game catch me if you can. Watch him learn a lot these next two weeks!


Pupdate 07/12/2020

Roger is getting to know his new surroundings. He is a little anxious, with all the new sights and smells. Otherwise, he is eating like a champ and he's so cute! He found a cool spot by the fan to take a nap!


Pupdate 07/13/2020

Today was Roger's first training lesson! Today, he was introduced to the E-Collar. We worked on come and sit at the park. He ate like a champ, but he is still having separation anxiety. We are seeing some improvement in the kennel and he is sleeping through the night. I can't wait to see how he continues to progress!


Pupdate 07/14/2020

Roger had a great day today! We worked with another trainer today on some dog distractions and he made a new friend, named Paco. He worked on his recall, sit, door manners, and heel. He is getting much better in the crate and his separation anxiety is also showing improvement. He loves his food and is still eating like a champ! He is such a silly boy. He loves the break command! He gets to do his wiggle butt!


Pupdate 07/15/2020

Today Roger learned the place command and we worked on increasing the distance and duration of his sits. He is such a happy boy who likes to express himself by jumping and wiggling. Redirecting his excitement is still a work in progress. Other then that, he is such a sweet boy who loves butt scratches and his food.


Pupdate 07/16/2020

Working on our place game! Went out in the neighborhood to find some new place objects. We also learned down today. Roger says that's his new favorite trick if it means he doesn't have to sit. So silly!


Pupdate 07/17/2020

Our first video showing our heelwork. We also learned the weave poles today. Roger is definitely making great progress! He is now going into the kennel with ease and not trying to storm out of it when I open the door. He is starting to get the hang of all the commands inside and out! Now the fun begins!


Pupdate 07/18/2020

Such a great day to work on distractions! His walks are going so well! His commands are now fun games we play. He eats like a champ and going in the kennel is becoming a piece of cake! I am so proud of Roger's progress!


Pupdate 07/19/2020

Roger has made great progress! He is having so much fun and loves training! We have been incorporating everything he has learned into our walks. Which make them fun and exciting while keeping him engaged and on his toes. Can't wait to show you more!


Pupdate 07/20/2020

Today we meet with another dog to do distraction training, and Roger made a new friend named Winter. We got to practice all our commands off leash. For our sit and down we are now working on adding distance as well as duration. He is doing so great! I think he was trying to impress Winter with his cool new tricks. He succeeded, Winnie approves!


Pupdate 07/21/2020

We are in the big pup leagues now! Working on our commands in the park with distractions off leash. Roger did really great ignoring the birds and other dogs. He stayed nice and focused!


Pupdate 07/22/2020

Working on our door manners and off leash life. Went for an evening walk with a shorter leash. Roger did so great! I was so impressed with his focus and how unfazed he was by others walking by.


Pupdate 07/23/2020

Working on our distractions and duration!


Pupdate 07/24/2020

Roger made a new friend while helping me garden outside. They had a lot of fun romping around. He was being a very good boy staying on place or sitting while others walked by!


Pupdate 07/25/2020

Roger goes home tomorrow! He had so much fun training and playing with new dogs during his time with Off Leash. It was so great to be his trainer!


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