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Odin | Pit Bull Mix | Lakewood, CA | In-Training

Odin, a 8 month old Pit Bull Mix, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 2 week board and train program. Odin is a sweet boy who comes to us with typical puppy behavior. He jumps to greet people and pulls on the leash when walking. He is food and toy possessive which has gotten him into some fights with his sibling at home. Over the next 2 weeks Odin will be working on his offleash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 11/10/2020

Odin and I went to the park to work on commands today. We practiced more of the come to sit command and loose leash walking. He is doing very well, a quick learner.


Pupdate 11/10/2020


Pupdate 11/11/2020

Odin working on the down command.


Pupdate 11/12/2020


Pupdate 11/13/2020

Odin enjoying the day at the park. Today we practiced come to sit, down, and loose leash heeling. Down seems to be are biggest struggle, not because he doesn't know what it means, but because he doesn't want to do it. He would rather give me a sad puppy stare or throw a tantrum and roll around instead.


Pupdate 11/14/2020

Today Odin and started working on his off leash obedience. Odin is doing a great job with his training! Down command is getting better, slowly but surely.


Pupdate 11/15/2020


Pupdate 11/16/2020

Today I took Odin and his buddies over to a friends house for a play date . He made a new friend, Blue the Pit Bull. He had a fun running around and playing in the water, but once he was done, all he wanted to do was curl up in the towel and get pet while he watched his buddies run around.


update 11/17/2020

Today Odin worked on his off leash obedience around the neighborhood. After training, we walked over to my family's restaurant for some lunch where he practiced duration down with his buddy, Kuma. He did a great job with all the people distractions.


Pupdate 11/18/2020


Pupdate 11/19/2020

Odin and his buddy, Osyris, working on their off leash obedience at the Block at Orange.



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