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Odin | Great Dane/German Shepherd Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Odin, a 7 month old Great Dane/German Shepherd Mix, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and program. Odin is a very sweet boy who loves to give kisses. He comes to us with typical puppy behavior: lack of following commands, leash pulling, jumping, easily distracted, play biting, etc. Over the next two weeks Odin will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 6/18/2021

Today I introduced and conditioned Odin to the ecollar. We practiced commands around the neighborhood. We worked on come to sit, dow, and place. Place is the command where Odin must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching him to be relaxed and calm.


Pupdate 6/19/2021

Sorry for the delay in post, I was having issues uploading to the link. Today Odin and I went to the park to work on his commands. We started working on his heel command. Still a work in progress, but he is walking a lot better now and not pulling as much.


Pupdate 6/20/2021

Today Odin and I worked on his training at home. Since he has caught on very fast to all the commands, we tried practicing his commands off leash. I used his friends as distractions while we worked. It was a little hard for Odin because he wanted to join in on the fun but knew he had for follow my commands.


Pupdate 6/21/2021

Odin working semi- off leash. today we practiced commands at the park. I didn't have to hold the leash once. I let him drag it around while he followed my commands. He is doing a great job! Almost ready to be off leash!


Pupdate 6/22/2021


Pupdate 6/23/2021

Today Odin and his friend Coco joined me on a shopping spree at The Block at Orange. Odin got to work on his commands around high distractions. It was a little overwhelming for him at first, but once we walked around he started to relax and focus.


Pupdate 6/24/2021

Today Odin and I worked on all of his commands at home. Odin got to join the pack for meal time. During pack feeding all dogs must be calm and wait while I prepare the food. Each dog must sit and wait their turn until called to eat their food. Once they are done eating they are not allowed to go eat another dogs food. They must wait until everyone is done or walk away and give space. This teaches Odin boundaries and respect for me as well as the other pack members


Pupdate 6/25/2021

Odin working on his obedience commands at the citadel outlets.


Pupdate 6/26/2021


Pupdate 6/27/2021




Pupdate 6/29/2021


Pupdate 6/30/2021

Today Odin took the day off from training and spent his last day hanging out and playing with his friends before he leaves. He can’t wait to go home and show you all he has learned!

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