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Nikita | Chocolate American Labrador | Marina Del Rey, CA - In Training


Nikita is 5 months old. She will be boarding and training with us for next the 14 days. This is her second day and she is already holding the place command.

Nikita is doing great off leash, sitting while having distractions around her.


Nikita was the star of the day. She got to meet "The Dog Whisperer" today and even got treats from Cesar himself. 😃🐕🥓

Great day at the Dog Psychology Center

Video 1

Nikita is doing great under pressure! She was unsure about Rio (the giant bird) yet, she remained in command. This is the outcome of putting in work💪.

Update #3

Rio starting to look yummy 😋 .

Update #4

Enjoying my puppy freedom .


Nikita can maintain sit or down for a duration of time.

Nikita and my daughter Alice connected on a walk at The Grove😍. We already knew Nikita was good at heel but, now she is great at it! Nikita let Alice lead and she followed her through the walk in a high traffic area.

-------Loose Leash Heel-------

Good sit, good girl 🐶.

Nikita is sitting and downing with self control while my daughter gives her the commands and puts her food down. Congratulations to Nikita for having food manners. It is very important to teach all dogs food manners, this prevents food aggression.