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Nani | Long Haired Weimaraner | El Segundo, Ca - In Training

Day one of training; worked come, sit, and heel in the morning for 90 minutes. Nap time, as usual, follows.

Nani and Oso after making it to the top of Avocado Crest. Oso heeled with Nani helping instruct proper positioning.

We spent LOTS of time working the down command today.

We definitely practice distraction training, today we went to Toast for lunch. Nani was a huge hit with the staff and patrons alike.

The "place" command being performed at the same time.

LOTS of distraction training at Friday Night Lights!

Nani did a 2.2 mile off Leash hike through LaHabra Heights today. She did very well only having a slight issue with a large neighbor dog. Nani is very responsive to the E-Collar and doing a great job.

Nani visited Lowes yesterday. Practiced all her commands; come, place, down , sit, and heel.

What do you do after a big day of training?? That's right siesta!

Nani is getting ready for Downtown Brea Bonanza Days music festival- that's right duration place for more than 5 minutes.


Training update 5/19/2019: Wanted to show heel, distance down, distance sit.



Place command near entrance

Nani spent the morning at the Carnival Cruise terminal hanging out with the folks who had recently returned. Nani was telling me that a cruise sounds like a great family trip for her to be a part of.

Sorry about the camera work. My son, 12, was helping, smooth as an earthquake. This is about half of the time in total. Nani did break the down, but went back in. About four and a half minutes total.


We had lots of rain yesterday and training was damp. This clip is from this morning. Trying out a new camera.


Nani's first attempt at "under" at a Starbucks

Getting closer to "under". Whole lotta dog for a small chair.

This is Nani performing the under command on day one. Given her size she continues will need to continue to effort to get "under" the chair.

Nani was out working off leash today. Did well with all animal and human distractions.

This is an outtake from the final video. Nani was doing things correctly, the trainer hadn't had enough coffee. Nani will now sit and wait to be ASKED through a door. Door manners are a safety feature during our training.

Duration sit on a log for balance and ability to manage longer duration.

Animal distractions abound during place command.

Yes, it is on leash, but the final video will be off leash. Just a taste for everyone.

Resting after being at groomers


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