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Miguel | Mini Golden Doodle | West Hollywood,CA | In- Training

Meet Miguel! The 8 month old Mini Golden Doodle from West Hollywood, Ca! He is super friendly and loves to pull towards new people on walks. He joined the Off Leash SoCal Two week board and train program to help with his leash pulling and learn basic manners. Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate: 11/14/21

Miguel has adapted well to his space and has shown a little of his personality! Today ended well while getting to spend time learning about each other, we also snuck in some quick reps and got a head start on tomorrow’s 1st lesson! Check back tomorrow to check out his progress!


Pupdate: 11/15/21

Miguel had a good night last night and woke up ready for the next adventure! He did great with his 1st lesson and caught on quick to his recall and place command! Once we got back to the house he was in a playful mood so we partied until the sun went down. Check back tomorrow for more fun!


Pupdate: 11/16/21

City boy Miguel had a nice day breezing around downtown. Today’s lesson was about eye contact and his heel command. Miguel is very observant and becomes hard of hearing when something interesting catches his attention. Towards the end of the training he understood the assignment and gave some eye contact. He did well with his heel command but we are working on his fear when loud objects pass by. Check back tomorrow for more pupate progress!


Pupdate: 11/17/21

Miguel did a great job with his eye contact and recall command today. We worked really hard on his heel command and greeting manners. His heel was good but we are still working on his extended sit even when meeting new people. Over all he did great with his commands and is making progress by the day! Keep up the good work Miguel!


Pupdate: 11/18/21

Today’s eye contact and extended sit was a lot better than yesterdays! Miguel did great with holding his command even with people walking by. He enjoyed the end of the day by playing with Wesley and working on his commands while distracted. Tune in tomorrow for more adventures!


Pupdate: 11/19/21

Miguel did great with his commands today. He is still a tad bit nervous about a few sudden sounds. But does well with encouragement and when he is reminded that he is okay! He did well with his greeting manners and is still working on his load up to get up in the car! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 11/21/21

Miguel’s doing great with his extended sit com and pictures are a lot easier to get these days! Today Miguel got to hang out with some friends and enjoyed the breezy weather on his walks. He has gotten better with greeting manners and does well with his food and door manners. Check back tomorrow for more pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 11/21/21

Miguel had a great day today! Everyday his confidence has been building and there has been daily improvements! He is still shy with his greeting manners but does well when reminded that he is okay! Check back tomorrow for more fun!


Pupdate: 11/22/21

Miguel just got promoted to Santa’s little helper after todays training lesson! He did a great job listening to commands while letting the leash drag behind him. He also did good with his greeting manners! Keep up the good work Miguel!


Pupdate: 11/23/21

Today he did a great job holding his commands and had the confidence to finally greet someone! He is still working on holding his sit when greeting but everyday he has be working hard to improve his confidence. Keep up the good work Miguel!


Pupdate: 11/24/21

Miguel did well with all his commands today, including the extended commands. He’s gotten more confident about his greeting manners and holding his sit. He prefers new faces to pet under the chin rather than over the head. He’s more confident and comfortable with greeting under his chin. Check back tomorrow for more pupdates!


Pupdate: 11/25/21

Happy Thanksgiving! Miguel enjoyed his day with his best buddy Wesley! They both played all day and enjoyed turkey treats until he was begging to take a nap! Check back tomorrow for more fun!


Pupdate: 11/26/21

Miguel did great with his commands off leash today! He is enjoying every trip and the training that comes with it. Miguel has gained great confidence and received so many compliments on his behavior! Miguel did good with his greeting manner, he would prefer greeting from a distance or someone who is really calm! Great job Miguel! Come back tomorrow for his final day!


Pupdate: 11/27/21

Miguel did a great job on his final day! He has learned a lot during this program and has gained so much confidence! Miguel is now ready to go home and show his family his new skills! Good job Miguel keep up the good work! Be on the look out for Miguel’s final video!



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