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Maui | Bernedoodle | Culver City, CA | In- Training

Meet Maui! A playful Bernedoodle, from Culver City CA has joined us for a few fun days of boarding.


Pupdate 2/8/2023

Maui and I spent the day together getting to know each other, playing in the backyard.  I introduced him to the other pups that I have, and they did well with each other through the fence. I will let him play with the pack very soon! 


Pupdate 2/9/2023

Maui had an eventful day of socialization with the pack! It was his first day meeting everyone and he did great, coming when called and responding to Off consistently.  He is quite gentle when playing, only needing to be cued Off when he would try to mount. 


Pupdate 2/10/2023

Maui has made a good friend that matches his energy, Marley! They hang out and chase each other around as they take turns Coming to Sit by my side every so often. 


Pupdate 2/11/2023

Maui went on a stroll with me in the morning then had a fun day with the pack! He is very sweet, and always ready to work as we brushed up on his Heel. 


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