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Luna| 1 Year Old | Golden Retriever| Ventura, CA | In Training

Luna here is a big bundle of energy that's lacking some manners. She loves to pull on leash, and jump up on people. We'll be working on her obedience the next 2 weeks!

Pupdate 4/19/2020

Luna is settling in nicely! She got to explore the back yard a bit and run around with a ball. We went for a small walk to introduce the E-Collar when we got back, we'll be going out for another walk this evening to work on leash manners more. She's a fun gal!


Pupdate 04/20/2020


Pupdate 4/21/2020

Lovely Luna during one of our walks today! She's starting to get the hang of loose leash walking, but we're still working on her pulling towards new people. We've been working on adding some distance and duration to her basic commands too.


Pupdate 04/22/2020


Pupdate 4/23/2020

Pretty gal during a walk today. We're waiting on a new place cot to arrive, but in the meantime we've been practicing on blankets, and dog beds. She's pretty spazzy and has a hard time keeping all paws on place, I'm hoping the elevated cot will help her get a better sense of the boundary. Her leash manners are coming along nicely and we've been working on stopping the jumping up on people too!


Pupdate 04/24/2020


Pupdate 4/25/2020

Luna during our walk this morning! She was splashing in the shallow ledge of the pool a bit earlier in the morning before our walk, and a little bit again after. Today we're going to work on her turns during heel a bit more, and her duration downs around toy distractions!



Pupdate 4/27/2020

On one of our daily walks! Her turns heeling have gotten a lot better, and we've been practicing her recall while she's playing. Tonight we'll be working more on food refusal, especially food dropped on the floor.



Pupdate 4/29/2020

Lovely Luna being cute like always. Her focus on our walks is getting much better, and we've been working on door manners along with not picking things up off the ground too. I brushed her out really good this morning, and we practiced her recall while playing with the other dogs, coming back for a break to calm down when she's getting a littler too rambunctious and needs a breather.



Pupdate 5/1/2020

Practicing our down from a distance, and staying in down, even when I'm a bit far out. We took a couple walks around the neighborhood today, and worked around some neighborhood dogs across the street. We also worked with some food distractions, and staying in down when other dogs are around.




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