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Lily | Golden Retriever Dog Training | Norwalk, CA

Lily, a Golden Retriever from Norwalk, went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Dog Training Program. Lily was trained by Sheena Chavez in LaHabra, CA. See her progress below.


Lily is joining us for our 2 week board and train program. She is a very energetic and loving pup.. but her owners are concerned she may run off into traffic when off leash.

Lilys introduction video

After a few minutes of her getting her energy down and not jumping, Lily loved the attention she was getting from kids!

This little pup is pooped. She’s been making great progress already for her second day

Door manners is a tricky thing with this little pup, but she's been making good progress! and she loves the place command

Lily is getting her Come and Sit (recall) commands down pretty well. Even with some dog distractions

Lilys morning at the park has her Exhausted!

Extended down with tiny dog distractions walking around, she has been very good at holding her commands waiting to hear "Break" so she can be released.

Lily loves her new puppy pals!

Working on toy play and now she doesn’t jump and nip while playing

Working on Lily’s heel getting her towards being off leash

Lily says she’s smiling because even though we have to work she still gets to enjoy outings

Lily is learning how to do, what I like to call, doggy pushups! She’s going to build some pretty good muscle. We also suscessfully were able to trim her nails without any issues or nipping

This pretty little girl was a superstar at this mornings breakfast

Lily loved posing for the pretty sunset behind her

Lily has made such great improvement with her Door Manners, she’s learned so much

They love to play together

But they’d rather play with part of a tree than a toy

Lily is practicing her off leash heel, she’s such a good girl!

She knew of the exact moment to strike a pose. Lily gets so much love and attention everywhere we go

Lily will hold her down position at great distances and for a prolonged period of time

Lilys posing in front of the Chinese theatre, she loves adventures

Lily off leash heeling with more distractions, just a sneak peak to her final video coming soon!

Lily's Final Video


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