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King | Siberian Husky Mix | El Segundo | In Training

Day of drop off

This is King the Siberian Husky Mix from El Segundo who has joined us for our 2 week Board and Train Program. King was recently adopted by his new rock star parents who want to give him the best start with them they can. He has a history of being quite the escape artist, has a hard time being on his own, and isn't always the best at following commands. He is very sweet and going to do great!

King spent some time getting used to his new surroundings and getting acquainted with the e-collar. He isn't to sure about the Kennel training yet but all the work he did today really amped up his appetite!


Pupdate 02/17/2020

King slept through his first night of training and Scarfed down his whole breakfast, meds included! Had quite a bit of kennel anxiety waiting for the day to start, but ultimately made a ton of progress on not peeing on everything in sight on a short hike! King had a blast until the day got too warm for him with all his fur and we packed things up.

A short backyard session before dinner! Working on his heel and recall. He has been working hard all day and is going to be a very tired boy tonight!


Pupdate 02/18/2020

King had quite a bit of anxiety in the kennel last night but was still a rockstar at the Block of Orange today. He mostly worked on his heel with distractions. After a nap to recoup a bit King went on a short walk around the block and was introduced to some more advanced sitting/downing. He then got to do some puppy play time with his brother in training Mister Nico after he learned some manners about not mounting or coming on too strong they got along famously.


Pupdate 02/19/2020

King slept like a baby last night, and has been doing great with the kennel today. His appetite is still going strong and he is almost through his meds! He spent the morning learning how to politely greet new people, not stop to smell the roses while heeling, and his place command at Home Depot. He had an afternoon play session with his new bestie Nico and then worked on staying on place in the house, which quickly turned into nap time!


Pupdate 02/20/2020

King had another tough night in the kennel but is still doing much better then earlier on. He has had a very busy day with backyard, target, neighborhood, and lastly fashion island training sessions. He is getting his heel down and we are working towards more duration and distance with his sits, downs, and placing. He is coming along fast and can't wait to show off all his new skills for his parents!


Pupdate 02/21/2020

King took the last of his meds with breakfast and has spent the first half the day working through some of his separation anxiety. He is all tuckered out and is relaxing a bit before we go out on the town tonight for some high distraction training!

King did very well at the Irvine Spectrum. He was quite the celebrity and made a ton of two legged friends, whose pets he sat politely for. He worked on getting more comfortable with distance and duration of his commands, which is not an easy feat on a busy friday night at the mall!


Pupdate 02/22/2020

King did a great park session today, working on polishing up his commands and working with other dogs around as distractions. He is needing less and less leash direction every day! His appetite is strong and is getting significantly better at sleeping through the night in a kennel.


Pupdate 02/23/2020

King is getting better and better everyday! He had a great night in the kennel last night is eating all his food without anything added to it. We did a long session at the dog park today where king had to really work on his focus with other dogs playing around him. We will probably go back there tomorrow, as feisty little dogs were his kryptonite today.


Pupdate 02/24/2020

King went back to the dog park today and did a great job filtering out distractions. He worked on holding his commands longer and disengaging from distractions without breaking his commands. He is super tired and ready for dinner!


Pupdate 02/25/2020

King went to the Huntington street fair this evening and was by far the most well behaved dog there! He was heeling like a champ though massive crowds and dozens of other dogs. He was getting compliments from all kinds of people and even stayed in a down when a wild great dane dragged their owner over to check him out.


Pupdate 02/26/2020

King went and did a late night session in front of the grocery store complex. He is getting his sits, downs, places down! He even held a down while a sweet stranger tried to call him out of it. He still got to sit for pets from her though!


Pupdate 02/27/2020

The triangle in Costa Mesa wasn't as busy as King and I were hoping it would be, but King was still rocking all his obedience around all the shops!


Pupdate 02/28/2020

King spent his morning showing of his skills at Hollywood Blvd! He couldn't be out too long with how warm it was but he still got to make a few friends! He came home a very sleepy and hungry boy!


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