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Kiloh | Sheepadoodle | Westlake Village, CA

Kiloh the Sheepadoodle from Westlake Village, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Program. Kiloh was trained by Aileen Medina in Sylmar, CA.

Kiloh the 9 month old sheepadoodle is friendly and he learns quickly. With human strangers he allows himself to be pet but with new dogs he has started to bark a lot. Whenever he is around unfamiliar dogs is when he gets loud and will tend to pull on the leash. His family would like to work on his jumping on people, and selective listening because he doesn't always come when called. He also doesn't have good manners around his family when they have food.

Pupdate #2

Pupdate #3

Kiloh practicing place on a cot. We are still working on holding down but sit on place is coming along well

Pupdate #4

Pupdate #5

Pupdate #6

Pupdate #7

Pupdate #8

Pupdate #9

Pupdate #10

Pupdate #11

Pupdate #12

Kiloh has has his 3rd potty accident today in the crate, you’ll notice the wet area on his chest, he’ll be getting a bath tonight and need his crate cleaned again.

Pupdate #13

Hanging out with friends on place while we wait for the elevator



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