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Kida | Los Angeles, CA | Rhodesian Ridgeback | In-Training

This is Kida, a 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback from Los Angeles, CA. She is here for our 2 week Board and Train program. Kida is a sweet loving pup that wants to play with all other dogs. She has a habit of counter-surfing and it makes her parents worry. Kida knows some cool tricks like fist bump but when it comes to performing those commands, she only does it when she feels like it. Over the next two weeks, Kida will have a pawsome transformation!


PUPDATE 11/23/2020


PUPDATE 11/24/2020


PUPDATE 11/25/2020

Alexa, play "Shake it off"!

Eating well, I have been giving her an extra 1/2 cup because we are working more than what she would do at home so I want to maintain weight. Peeing and pooping is good however she rather pee and poop at the park than in the backyard.


PUPDATE 11/26/2020


PUPDATE 11/27/2020


PUPDATE 11/28/2020


PUPDATE 11/29/2020


PUPDATE 11/30/2020


PUPDATE 12/1/2020

The cat was checking her out

All cuddled in a warm blanket! Too cute

Good place!

Playing around with my dog enjoying someone to chase around


PUPDATE 12/2/2020


PUPDATE 12/3/2020


PUPDATE 12/4/2020


PUPDATE 12/5/2020



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