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Keebler | German Shepherd Husky | Canoga Park, CA | In-Training

Please welcome Keebler the year and a half German Shepherd Husky mix from Canoga Park here for the two-week board and train program. Keebler is very gentle and smart, loves to play and is friendly with other dogs, yet tends to jump on people when they come to the house, is protective of his dad and doesn't like when anyone comes too close to him. Keep checking back to see Keebler's transformation from good to great!


Pupdate 12/20/20

Keebler was very well behaved in the crate in the back of the car. After getting back, the sun had started to set for the day so we will be getting better photos tomorrow outside. He is here in my home and is a bit nervous, alert and curious but nervous nonetheless. He did give me both of his paws and kisses once he settled a little. I am confident he will perk up once he gets used to the schedule in this house.


Pupdate 12/21/20

Today we went over all the commands including Sit, Come, Heel and Place. Keebler is a very smart boy and picked up on these commands very quickly. He was a little hesitant of the place cot at first but after he realized it was a good place to sit, he had no issues getting up on it. We also did take some nice photos in front of my neighbors house.


Pupdate 12/22/20

Today we worked on Place and Place on different objects that are oddly shaped, like decorative rocks and metal boxes and place cots. Keebler is still a little unsure of Place and why he needs to sit on top of random objects but he is willing to do it and get it done. He did eat about 75% of his food both this morning and this evening. I added warm water plus some freeze-dried beef liver bits to his kibble to make it smell better to him. He is drinking and going potty very well. I have also noticed that he will definitely go in his crate without hesitation to take a nap and when I need him to go in, I tell him "Crate" and most of the time he walks in with no problem.


Pupdate 12/23/20

Today Keebler and I visited the mall here in the Antelope Valley. We walked and practiced Heel the whole time plus Place on a couple different objects (rocks included). He did very well with Heel today. He was a little nervous when we first go to the mall because there were so many people and noises but after a few minutes of doing his commands he calmed down a bit.


Pupdate 12/24/20

We went to the mall again today to finish up some last-minute Christmas shopping. While we were there we practiced Place of a few different objects, on a step, a bench and a rock. The rock was a little difficult at first for Keebler because of its shape but he tackled it like a pro!


Pupdate 12/25/20

We visited another mall today and worked on Keebler's duration sit (video) as well as Place and Down. Keebler also met Pumpkin the French Bulldog today. They played in the yard for a while and tired themselves out so much so that they both took a nap together. Keebler is such a sweet boy! I tried to take some Christmas photos of Keebler in antlers with bells. I'm not sure he was a fan but he does look super cute!


Pupdate 12/26/20

Keebler and I visited a Lowes today - we did a lot of Heel and Place (sit & down). We also worked on some duration Sits and Downs as well; after we had been working hard for some time, we had a little break in the middle of Lowes. He really enjoyed all the Place work we did plus he got so many compliments on how he's such a good and handsome boy!


Pupdate 12/27/20

Today I wanted to practice all Keeblers commands as we are halfway through his stay here with me. This was a good way to see what we need to work on and what looks FANTASTIC! Keebler did such a good job today with all the distractions (adults, teenagers, kids, loud noises, traffic, etc). One of his favorite things to do currently is Load and Unload - I think he super enjoys being in the car and going places.


Pupdate 12/228/20

Today Keebler came to run some errands with me. We stopped at a few different places and practiced his commands before coming back to the house. It rained a lot today - Keebler was not really a fan of it but he did romp around with Pumpkin a bit when we got back to the house.


Pupdate 12/29/20

Today we practiced at Lowes doing a duration sit and a duration down in two different parts of the store. Each clip was a little more than 2 minutes each. Keebler did very well with both of these and was a super good boy! Everywhere we go, he gets so many compliments on his behavior and how handsome he is!


Pupdate 12/30/20

Keebler and I, every day, continue to work on all his commands to make sure all of them are on point. Today, just like other days, we went to a few different places to practice what he knows and to sharpen up the ones he needs help with. His Place is awesome as well as his Down and Sit. His Heel is getting much better and his Come. We have also worked on his Food and Door manners - he is learning patience!


Pupdate 12/31/20

Today Keebler and I checked out some places for his final video including the mall in Valencia. We practiced his off-leash Heel, Come and Place as well as down. This mall is pretty crowded and also very pretty! Keebler loved the attention he received from some of the people passing by!


Pupdate 1/1/21

Today Keebler and I visited an outdoor mall to do our commands mostly off-leash. This consisted of Heel, Place, Duration Down, Duration Sit, Come and Break. We have a few pieces to tweak before tomorrow but I know Keeb can do all his commands perfectly. There is a part in this video where he is in a Down and in Place when a few people walk by with another little dog; the command is Off to leave things alone such as a little dog. He did so well. He didn't even notice the little dog walking by. Every time we go out he always gets such nice compliments. Even the little dogs' owner was impressed that Keeb didn't even move when they walked by. He did amazing today!


Pupdate 1/2/21

Oh, what a wonderful adventurous fay we had! First was a trip to the park and then we took a trip down to the outdoor mall. Here we worked on Heel & Come with Place on different objects such as oddly shaped rocks (both natural & plastic) plus sitting areas. We took a break and watched the fish and turtles in the pond. As the sun went down the sky looked so amazing! I couldn't pass up a chance to get some photos of Sir Keebler in front of the pink and blue sky!


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