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KB | Goldendoodle | Burbank, CA | In - Training

Meet KB! A sweet and playful two year old Goldendoodle from Burbank, CA who has joined us for our Three Week Board and Train Program. Over these next three weeks KB and I will be working on establishing a reliable recall, door manners, confidence building, proper socialization and overall obedience with the ultimate goal of being Off Leash! Stay tuned for his Three Week Transformation.


Pupdate 1/9/2023

KB and I had an eventful day of training at the park today working on introducing him to Side which he was naturally great at, walking by my left hand side following the pressure path of the slip lead. We then worked on his recall where he is expected to come around me and Sit on my left hand side. After guiding him with the leash a few times and applying leash pressure with stimulation of the e collar he understood how to follow my lead. 

Putting the e collar and slip lead on KB was a smooth process as he waited patiently for me to put it on him. I gave KB lots of praise and frequent breaks during training to keep him engaged and he was very attentive! Once it was time to load up he had no problem getting into the kennel all on his own. 


Pupdate 1/10/2023

KB and I went on a trip to the indoor mall where we worked on his “Walk” command as well as Side. Side is the action of KB coming to Sit on my left hand Side. He is very engaged while working and Walks nicely by my side. There were a few reactive dogs that passed by us and he did become overstimulated. He lunged and whined as they passed him. I popped the leash and cued Off which helped him stay by my side and not lunge again. We then worked on Place and Down which he was a natural at, jumping into Place confidently and holding his Down position until released with Now.  Place is great to use inside and outside the house to promote a calm state of mind. It helps with greeting manners, having a visual target to remain on. Now we will work on building duration with his Place and Down! 


Pupdate 1/11/2023

KB and I went on a trip to the outlets today to work on duration with his commands such as Extended Place paired with Chill and Extended Sit. Place is great to pair with Chill to help promote a calm state of mind with KB and prevent unwanted behaviors like jumping on guests for example. At first KB struggled with jumping onto Place as he noticed it was a different type of bench than he was used to. I guided him into the Place then Down position with the leash, then released him and praised him after he performed the behavior that was asked of him. He is very food motivated and was rewarded with his favorite treats for being engaged and especially his recall. KB performed a solid Walk by my left hand side as he checked in with me often. We will work on proofing his commands in different environments while building duration, and distance as well. Excellent work KB!


Pupdate 1/12/2023

KB and I worked on building fluency with all of the commands he has learned so far, as well as building duration. He is able to hold his Extended Sit for up to one minute and a half while I am at the end of the 6 ft leash. He is learning to Walk by my left hand side while near other dogs which can be a difficult task for him at first. KB wanted to approach the other dog we were training near without hearing a release word from me when he first saw her. After I Cued Off along with stimulation of the e collar, I then cued Side which he performed right away. We then worked on his recall, walk, and Place command on different surfaces while other dogs were present. KB checked in with me as we Walked together making frequent turns! 


Pupdate 1/13/2023

KB and I ventured out to the outlets to proof what he has learned, near plenty of distractions. We Heeled as a pack around the stores, emphasizing our work on his Extended Sit while in a public setting. He did well with this and did not try to follow me as I stepped away from him. I rewarded him for holding his Sit and for Coming to my Side on cue. He is able to hold his Sit for an entire two minutes near distractions which shows me he is now ready to begin to add distance between us during all of his commands, while utilizing a 15ft leash! 


Pupdate 1/14/2023

KB and I worked on all of his manners, proper socialization with other pups during playtime, and obedience with minimal leash guidance/pressure. KB does not like when he is approached from behind with other dogs which can be a rude way of approaching. He prefers to not engage with other dogs which is natural for dogs that are not used to being in a pack. He is expected to be civil when near other dogs which he has done well with. He allowed me to build distance between us with all of his commands and is now one step closer towards being Off Leash!


Pupdate 1/15/2023

Today KB and I went on a stroll around the neighborhood working on all of his commands utilizing a 15 ft leash. He was able to hold his Sit and Down as I walked to the end of the leash and waited for my release. He can reliably Come to my Side when I Cue Side without needing any guidance from the leash. 

Once we got home we worked on socializing with the other pups. KB prefers to hang out on his own as you can see in the video and prefers to interact with me instead. After about 20 minutes, there were a few times he felt comfortable enough to run and join in! 


Pupdate 1/16/2023

KB and I had an eventful day of training at the park today, working on all of his commands with the leash dragging. There were plenty of distractions such as dogs off leash playing frisbee, ducks, and kids riding scooters. We passed by a few reactive dogs and although KB was interested, I cued Off and he immediately offered me his attention. I have noticed that KB can be territorial once he is in his kennel and bark at dogs that pass by him. I keep his E collar on him when he is in there to stimulate him with the e collar and correct the barking if he does not respond to Off due to being overstimulated. He is responding more quickly to it but still needs help to follow through at times. 

We then focused our work on his Come to Walk, which is the action of KB coming to Walk on my left hand side even from a distance of 15ft or more away. I mark it with a Yes and reward him as soon as he gets to my left hand side to build value in that position. KB caught on to this rather quickly and naturally gravitated to my left hand Side. KB is able to perform a Chill while Heeling next to me which isn’t an easy task for most dogs! He can be sent away to Place with a distance of 15 ft or more as well. We will keep adding distance and duration to all of his commands in new settings to further proof everything he has learned! 


Pupdate 1/17/2023

KB and I ventured out to the Beach today where we proofed all of his commands completely Off Leash! After Heeling around the beach for about 10 minutes on leash, he demonstrated consistency with the leash dragging. We passed by a pothole that made a loud noise as we walked over it and he was frightened. I worked him through this by guiding him with the leash and encouraging him to cross. Once he stepped towards it, I marked it with a Yes and rewarded him for overcoming that fear. After about 5 minutes of walking back and forth together, he confidently walked over it and stayed by my side. I then removed the leash and practiced his Recall, Come to Walk, and Extended Place command with greater distance. KB did great with the bicycles, dogs, and crowds of people passing by him as he worked through everything. 


Pupdate 1/18/2023

Today KB and I went on a trip to the local mall where we introduced him to a new command, Under. Under is great to use when out in a public setting with KB. He is expected to lay underneath a table, bench or any surface and hold it until released with the cue Now. He was very engaged during this and had no problem following the leash pressure under the chairs. We started with a leash, then removed the leash as he crawled under the surfaces I pointed at. Excellent job KB! 


Pupdate 1/19/2023

KB and I ventured out to the mall where we worked on all of the commands he has learned so far Off Leash. He was fluently performing all of his commands without much guidance needed from me or a leash. He had the opportunity to work on his Greeting Manners with unfamiliar faces which was great for him to practice because at times KB can be very excitable when around new people. I communicate to whoever is saying hi to him to only pet him if he remains seated.  If he gets up I will position him back into the Sit and the petting immediately stops. After reminding him to Sit once, he held his Sit the entire time while saying hi. 


Pupdate 1/20/2023

KB and I took a trip to the Outlets of Commerce and worked on all of his commands both on and off leash. He did great with staying by my side and even had the opportunity to work with another trainer. KB did great with following his handlers lead as they walked together. He  checked back in with me every now and then but wasn’t whining or anxious. He did become very excitable when greeting a new person and needed to be reminded to Sit. He Sat right away but struggles to hold it when the person that is greeting him is very excitable as well. We will emphasize our work on his Greeting Manners over this next week. 

While KB was outside playing with the other pups, I noticed his stool had a hint of blood in it and he did appear a bit uncomfortable as he went. I will continue to monitor this.


Pupdate 1/21/2023

This morning I ran to the store to grab KB some Pedialyte. He may be a bit dehydrated which may be why his stool had a bit of blood in it. I soaked his food in pedialyte and also gave him some of it utilizing a syringe. He hasn’t gone poop since last night but I will keep monitoring it to see if the next stool he passes appears normal.  

We then began to work on his Food Manners. He is expected to hold his Sit or Down while being fed. After the food bowl is placed on the floor, that is not his cue to get up. His cue to eat is when I release him with the Cue Now. Although tempted, KB was able to hold his sit while I eventually went out of sight. 

After working on food manners we went on a stroll around the neighborhood where we proofed his commands some more. KB has done great with remaining consistent with all of his commands no matter the environment.  The more we go out the quicker he is to adapt.


Pupdate 1/22/2023

Today KB and I worked on proper socialization and obedience  while outside with Axel the Bernedoodle! KB at first was not very fond of Axel, beginning to show teeth and growl deeply as Axel approached him. I cued Off and stimulated him as soon as he growled then told Axel to sit so he wouldn’t approach KB yet. I then released them and let them enjoy each others company without interacting. This helped KB become more familiar and comfortable near Axel. KB was in Place as Axel roamed around and gave KB his space. After about 5 minutes, Kb was interested in Axel and initiated play. 

After seeing how he interacted with Axel compared to how he interacted with Venus, I noticed KB is dominant with the same sex. He does not like when Axel approaches him from behind to sniff which is common for a lot of dogs. He did let Venus approach from behind but she was of the opposite sex. He applied a healthy correction to Axel to communicate that he was not okay with it. After he corrected Axel for that, Axel only approached KB from the front which KB responded well to as they chased each other around the backyard. 

KB does well with sharing water with other pups but struggles with sharing toys. We worked on Off with the toys that were on the floor, as he was in the back with Axel. KB has improved with letting Axel play with the toy as he was in Place. We are emphasizing our work on his Off command since KB can be quite possessive. 

KB appeared much more comfortable as he went poop today. When he went this evening the stool was a healthy brown which demonstrated to me that pedialyte really did help. KB is selective as to where he drinks his water. He does not like to drink it in the room so I have been placing his water outside where he seems to indulge much more. 


Pupdate 1/23/2023

KB and I worked on all of his commands Off Leash with many distractions present such as birds, other dogs, and kids playing on the playground. We began by practicing Side from short distances as we gradually increased distance between us. He was then able to consistently come to my Side from about 100 ft  or more! He Walked with me, sitting when I stop and turning frequently. We practiced Send away to Place on different surfaces and explored the playground to work on going up and down the slide which helps build confidence! 


Pupdate 1/24/2023

KB and I focused our work today primarily on his obedience Off Leash while out at the mall, Greeting Manners, and learning how to share his toys! He tends to resource guard his toys with other dogs, so the Off command has been very useful while he holds his Extended Chill & Place while he waits his turn for his toy. At first he tried to get up a few times from Place to go after his toy. I body blocked him and cued Off before stimulating him. He responded to Off fairly quickly and returned to lay Down in Place. When it was his turn, I allowed him to play with his toy while Axel walked around. If KB appeared stiff or began to growl at Axel, I cued Off immediately to KB. At first he needed help with stimulation from the e collar at a low level. After that, I took the toy away from him and cued Place again. We tried it one more time shortly after and KB was successfully enjoying his toy while Axel was near but still at a safe distance that KB was comfortable with. I praised him with Yes while he happily chewed away. 

We then went on a trip to the mall where he had the chance to practice Greeting Manners with a friendly lady that asked to pet. I communicated to her to only pet if he was sitting. I reminded KB to sit and he did well holding his Sit the entire time! 


Pupdate 1/25/2023

Today was a fun beach day spent with KB. We prepared for his Final video by Heeling together around the pier, desensitizing him to loud noises, bicycles, packs of dogs and crowds of people. KB is very unsure of potholes so we spent some time walking over the potholes and getting him comfortable with sitting on top of it. He was able to hold his Sit, Chill, and Place for a minimum of two and a half minutes which is over what is expected of him. He is very consistent with his recall, coming to sit right by my left hand side when I cue Side. Good work KB!


Pupdate 1/26/2023

KB and I took a trip to the outlets today where we were able to get some content for his Final video. It doesn’t take him long to acclimate to his new environment and is fluent with all of his commands as soon as we arrive anywhere new. He appears more confident and has been greatly improving with his Off command. 

We worked on his Off command in the backyard where I let him and Axel take turns with their toys. KB thought about resource guarding only one time throughout the whole hour we were working in the backyard. It is important to read KB’s body language when near his triggers. His triggers are guarding, and territorial guarding as well. He tends to guard his kennel, and any confined space that he is in. As soon as I see his lips rise, show teeth, body become stiff and fixate on Axel, I cue off.  He was able to stop what he was doing immediately and check in with me without any help with the e collar today. Previously, he needed me to stimulate him with the e collar to get him to follow through. After some time, I then rewarded him for allowing Axel to play with the toy while he was attentive to me. I also included some pictures from our trip to the beach yesterday!


Pupdate 1/27/2023

KB and I ventured out to the the beach today to film content for his Final video and he absolutely killed it! There were plenty of distractions to practice impulse control around, especially the packs of gophers that were running everywhere! We walked around the beach and practiced his Send Away to Place, Come to Walk, Side, Under and Extended Sit. KB is very attentive, always ready for the next command. He held his Extended Sit for a minimum of two minutes and performed Under for over ten minutes as we relaxed by the beach together after filming. Excellent work KB!


Pupdate 1/28/2023

KB and I went on a stroll around the neighborhood together today, working on all of his commands Off Leash. We focused our work on his Greeting Manners. KB has improved with holding his Extended Sit while being pet. It takes a lot of impulse control for him to contain his excitement. He loves the attention so it is important to communicate to whoever is giving him love to only pet him if he is not jumping. Since he is a small dog many people don’t mind the jumping, but it is important to correct the behavior of jumping every time with stimulation of the e collar. If he voluntarily sits all on his own, I capture the moment and reward him to encourage him to offer this behavior without much guidance from me. At times we are not always in control of our environment, so capturing and rewarding good behavior that KB offers all on his own is how we work on teaching him to make the right decisions.


Pupdate 1/29/2023

KB has learned boundaries, not jumping on the door to open it anymore. He has learned that when he sits and waits patiently, the door will open. If he gets up, the door closes on him. The door is an important threshold to remain consistent with so KB won’t have a habit of being the first one out. 

After working on his Manners we went to the Citadel Outlet where we filmed some more content of his Off Leash work!

KB has overall become more confident, can hold his Place and Extended Sit for a minimum of two minutes, and can Come to my Side from 100 ft away or more. He has performed Under for a record of about 15 minutes as we hung out at the beach together. I recommend constantly taking KB to new environments. Desensitization to new places will only further improve his training. He is a loving boy who needs a lot of guidance, structure and leadership to thrive and follow instructions. He has come a long way and we can not wait to show you what he has learned. Thank you for trusting me with KB!

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