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Golden Retriever Dog | Training June | Fountain Valley, CA

June, a Golden Retriever from City Fountain Valley, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal SoCal 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. June was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Santa Ana, Ca.

Meet June, the Golden Retriever from Fountain Valley. She is here for our 1-Week Board and Train. She is a very sweet girl here to learn manners on leash! She likes to jump up on people to say hi and only listen when she wants, including coming back when called. Watch her transformation over the next week!


Pupdate 03/21/21

June spent her first day learning the ropes and meeting my dog. We went for a walk to get to know each other and ease her transition. She was very distracted by all the dogs and was not a fan of the crate on our way home but we can work on these things. She spent the evening out learning to relax on a dog bed while I watched an episode of Blacklist. She very much appreciated pets but no treats or food at the moment, which is normal for the first day. We will try again in the morning.


Pupdate 03/22/21

June had an interesting day learning the ropes and going to new parks. Her favorite command is break. She was not a fan of having to listen when there were dogs around but she learned it was just as much fun to get pets from me! She did not want to eat her breakfast but ate half of her dinner.


Pupdate 03/23/21

June went to a new park today and met some new dogs. She worked on recall and place. She was very tired and went home and took a long nap before we went back to a different park to work with more dogs! She was pooped by the evening. She did not want to eat breakfast. I offered her food in the morning and afternoon before giving her dinner but she was not amused. She did finally eat at dinner time and ate all her food.


Pupdate 03/24/21

June had a fun day today. She got to work with her new friend Stitch and after they worked hard they were able to play hard in my backyard. She worked around o the dogs who she couldn't play with and she learned that it was ok not to play with everyone and she could still stay focused and play with certain dogs when allowed. She ate her breakfast but did not want to finish her dinner. She worked on place while I watched an episode of Black List while my other dogs were also on place as well.


Pupdate 03/25/21

June had a fun day meeting my other dog Sergeant'O. She worked on her heeling around other dogs as well as her sit and down at a distance. She ate only half her breakfast but ate all of her dinner.


Pupdate 03/26/21

June went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! She was not a fan of the fancy floors or the people in costumes. She did enjoy working with some new friends and other trainers who gave her lots of pets! She is almost out of her can food but she has been getting better about eating and not crying in the crate.


Pupdate 03/27/21

June spent her last day getting extra snuggles and walkies. We went back to the block and she worked around a ton of people, she was not a fan of all the commotion but she mustered through it with her pal Stitch. Then she got to celebrate her last night with a walk with her two new friends and take some cute pictures under some pretty lights. She is all packed and ready to start her new life with mom and dad.


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