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Labradoodle - Dog Training | Jonesy | La Habra Heights, CA

Jonesy, a Labradoodle, from La Habra Heights, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Jonesy was trained by dog trainer Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA​

Meet Jonesy a seven month old Labradoodle from La Habra Heights! He is one sweet cuddle bug who is with us for our Two-Week Board and Train program to teach him all his basic obedience commands, curb his barking in public, stop him from jumping all over people, and give his parents and siblings a way to communicate with him effectively. Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate 09/20/2020

Jonesy is all settled in! He has a bit of kennel anxiety for the first little bit after getting put in but quickly settles down, he is eating great, and having a blast exploring the backyard! He is a very sweet boy and is already trying to snuggle with me anytime we are out and about. He also made a new friend named Winston who is a Bernedoodle! He was quite shy and wanted to hide behind me at first but quickly started playing and having loads of fun juking back and forth on the ground with Mr. Winston. I can't wait to see how much he is going to grow over the next two weeks!


Pupdate 09/21/2020

Jonesy had his first real lesson today! We worked on his recall and getting him to focus a bit more! He also got to meet another new friend Mr. Nico and got to play with him and Mr. Winston several times. He is still a bit shy particularly with both of them running around. He is getting a bit more confident every time he comes out though! He slept well through the night, but had very strong feelings about when he wanted to get up for the day!


Pupdate 09/22/2020

Jonesy is totally tanked! We worked on his recall and Sit, socialization and did some confidence building! In his confidence building session today he conquered the A-Frame! At first he was very scared and didn't want to go up it at all! After some coaxing and a ton of celebrating for success he not only went over it but got comfortable sitting up on top of it! He is such a sweet boy and is doing very well!


Pupdate 09/23/2020

Jonesy worked on his "Place" command tonight, he even got into doing it a bit advancedly because he had some help from his bestie Winston! He is coming along awesome and I can't wait to see how much more he is going to learn in the next few days!



Jonesy made some serious progress on his Heel today! He is learning to Auto-Sit when I come to a stop and even did a bit of side correction today! He is eating awesome, getting much better about the kennel (often running into it at meal times), and is getting more and more confident about playing with his two friends!


Pupdate 09/25/2020

Jonesy is looking so sharp! His heel has come such a long way this week. He is auto side correcting, auto sitting, and even making a ton of eye contact! We worked on a bit of everything today and I was so proud of how hard he has been working!


Pupdate 09/26/2020

Jonesy had a busy day! We worked on a little bit of everything, with a pretty heavy emphasis on his Heel command, and then he got to meet a new friend named Rosie! He was so excited to meet her and played very well. I am so proud of how much more comfortable he is getting with the other pups! He is jumping so much less and has almost no kennel anxiety anymore!


Pupate 09/27/2020

Jonesy is looking pretty sharp! He has come such a long way in just his first week. He worked at the shopping center with me today and caught the eye of just about every person there! Even when people were walking up and talking about how cute he is, how well behaved he is, and what a good boy he is he maintained his commands. With quite a bit of tail wagging, but he held them!


Pupdate 09/28/2020

Jonesy helped me make you guys an instructional video about his Recall command! Due let me know if you have any questions big or small! He is doing really great and has even started to put on a bit of weight the last two days! He worked on his food refusal today and is starting to have quite a bit of fun with everything.


Pupdate 09/29/2020

Jonesy is looking really great! He helped me make you all a video on his Heel command tonight, let me know if you have any questions!


Pupdates 09/30/2020

Jonesy's Place command! He is just about ready to film his final video!!


Pupdate 10/01/2020

Jonesy is all tuckered out from his session this evening! We worked on a bit of everything and all the bystanders were so impressed with him. He has come such a long way in the last two weeks!


Pupdate 10/02/2020

Jonesy is just about ready to go home! We've got one more day full of filming and extra playtime with all his friends and then home to everyone he has been missing so much! He is going to be over the moon to show off all his new skills!


Pupdate 10/04/2020

Jonesy is all packed up and ready to head home in the morning! He is going to be missed so much, he is such a sweet special pup!


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