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Hudson | Long Haired German Shepherd | Temple City, CA | In-Training

Meet Hudson a two year old Long Haired German Shepherd from Temple City, CA. He is here for our Two-Week Board and Train Program. He is a playful family dog with a wonderful demeanor. He is here to work on a few problem areas: lunging toward some people and dogs on walks and jumping on people when greeting them. We will work to get those issues under control and to make his great traits shine. Keep an eye on Hudson’s 14-Day Transformation.


Pupdate 11/7/2021

This was Hudson’s first day in some of his new environments over the next two weeks. It is a basic introduction allowing him to be comfortable in his new surroundings. Tomorrow all the real fun begins. So far he is settling in nicely and even didn’t mind my cat walking around my home. He took kindly to my family that I introduced him to. So he’s off to a great start! I can already see his loyal nature. I look forward to to tapping into as much of his potential as possible. Keep an eye out as he improves day to day!

Pupdate 11/8/2021

Today Hudson and I had our first complete training session. He was a little hesitant at first but then started to get the hang of what was being asked of him. He has a little bit of a lack of confidence, but not to worry because he will still work through things he not sure of like doing a Place command on a narrow bench. I love to see a German Shepherd like Hudson not just learn commands but also become more confident. Watch as he progresses!

Pupdate 11/9/2021

Today Hudson and I hit Rancho Park in Los Angeles. He is starting to show more and more personality. He is really beginning to understand the e-collar more and more. I will up the distraction as the days go on to make sure he understands the commands in any situation he may find himself in. It was a solid overall training today!

Pupdate 11/10/2021

Hudson and went down by the Huntington Beach Pier today. Now that he’s getting a better grasp of what commands I am asking of him, I will begin to add more distractions. He got to see a few dogs walking by on leash and more people than we have trained around so far. He did perfectly well with the people and showed some interest in the dogs. That said there was zero lunging or barking. Today was a great success and I will continue to build on that!

Pupdate 11/11/2021

Today Hudson and I did some more work down in Huntington Beach. It was the perfect spot for him to see people and dogs come and go. He was able to ignore them while in his Sit, Down and Place commands. He is coming along nicely, but I am still working to build up his confidence. It was over all a great session and we will continue to build on the success we’ve made so far.

Pupdate 11/12/2021

Today Hudson and I hit the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier. He gets a little unsure in new areas which lowers his confidence a little. That being said it has improved since day one and he is always quicker to get over it with the more I expose him to. I used much less leash pressure today than the rest of the week, in hopes to get him closer to being Off Leash ready. One more day left of week 1. Keep an eye on his progress in week 2!

Pupdate 11/13/2021

Today Hudson and I really worked on his Heel command. He likes to veer to the right side and stay a little behind where he needs to be. Today though he made such a great improvement and is one step closer to being reliable off leash. His Sit and Down commands are solid! The bench used for his Place command was a little difficult for him, but able to work through it with a little help. It was a great overall session. See how things unfold in week 2!

Pupdate 11/14/2021

Today was Sunday Funday for Hudson. Although training was still implemented via walks as well as Crate, Door and Greeting Manners. He got to play with my new puppy and did really well. I also introduced him to a flirt pole to release some energy and let him chase and use his mouth in a constructive manner. Everyday Hudson’s bond with me grows stronger and stronger. We will continue to work to get him Off Leash ready but also making sure he understands all that is asked of him. Keep an eye on Week 2 of his 14 Day transformation!

Pupdate 11/15/2021

Hudson and I got out to the 2nd and PCH Shopping Center in Long Beach. Today was his lucky day he got complimented on his looks by multiple people. He got to see a few children and dogs today throughout our training session. He is doing so well, but he still doesn’t love every body. The great part is he does not react to them, so there has been definite improvement. I am working everyday to build his confidence which is his biggest issue, but that being said he is start to get a better understanding of the suite of commands! I will continue to push his training further this week. Watch as he shines!

Pupdate 11/16/2021

Hudson and I hit Down Town Long Beach today. It still takes Hudson a little bit to get comfortable in new environments but he eventually settles in. This little issue can be overcome with proper exposure to more and more new environments over time. He doesn’t like everyone but he definitely no longer reacts to people by barking or lunging. We are inching closer daily to being able to be Off Leash completely. He can definitely manage it in distraction free environments but it’s slightly more challenging in public. Overall he has made amazing strides and I look forward to pushing him as far as possible the rest of the week.

Pupdate 11/17/2021

Today Hudson and I hit Belmont Shores during lunch hour. He got to see a few dogs pass by and a decent amount of people. He broke a Sit command when a dog passed by him, but only to readjust himself and sit to face the direction the dog was going. With the remaining few days we will tighten up what he knows and expose him to as much as is safe and sufficient for him. Hudson had quiet a few comments on how good he looked today!

Pupdate 11/18/2021

Today Hudson and I went up to the Citadel Outlets. He can still be a little uncomfortable in crowded areas, but he has learned he doesn’t need to bark or lunge at people. He got to see a few dogs and plenty of children without any reactions from him. Everything else is coming together with Hudson. I will continue to up the number of repetitions he does and try to get him a little more confident without overdoing it for his ability. He has come a long way and he is the type of dog to take a methodical approach with. It’s been awesome seeing his development. Two more days to go!!!

Pupdate 11/19/2021

Today Hudson and I hit The Pike Outlets in Down Town Long Beach. There was just the right amount of people out (not over crowded,) for him to do nearly his entire session off leash. He did really well and even got to greet one of our new trainers (Jose.) We have one more day of training to try and get Hudson a little further along. He’s learned so much and I’m happy with how far we’ve come. He also got to go to Blue Collar Working Dog in Echo Park. One more day and Hudson gets to show off all his new commands!!!

Pupdate 11/20/2021

Hudson and I went to the Westfield Topanga Shopping Center. He typically gets complimented on his looks when we are out training, but today he was especially showered. He has come so far and I couldn’t be happier with him. He’s really starting to learn that strangers aren’t so bad. Today he got to practice Greeting Manner multiple times! It will be bittersweet to see him go, but I know he is much better from his time away. I know he will be just as happy to see you all as you all will be to see him.


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