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Henry | 14 Months Old | Weimaraner | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Henry is an adventurous young pup joining us for the next 2 weeks for our board and train program. We are so excited to have him apart of our pack. He is a very intelligent boy who likes to use his strength and can be difficult to manage on the leash. He is going to be practicing lots of fundamental commands and improving some of his manners. He is eager to learn.


Pupdate 06/01/2020

Henry out on our walk early this morning. We got a head start on our day and made it to a local park to start some training and beat the heat. Henry is responding well to his new E-Collar and definitely enjoyed all of the cardio today.


Pupdate 06/02/2020

Henry out practicing heel a lot today. We did some exercises where we make constant turns around trees along with making random stops to teach Henry not to walk in front while on the leash.


Pupdate 06/03/2020

Henry out this evening getting his walk on. We have been putting a lot of work into practicing how to heel. He is getting better every day at matching my pace and refraining from pulling.


Pupdate 06/04/2020

After letting his nose heal for a day, with the help of some neosporin and aloe, here is an update on Henry's nose as of tonight. We did lots of place practice throughout the whole day. He is getting more confident in himself and trusting me more every day and it's showing by him jumping up on this bench to complete his place command.


Pupdate 06/05/2020

It's taken 5 days to get Henry to really start to open up and trust me. He certainly is starting to warm up to me more which is making him much happier to complete his commands. It is also making it easier for me to clean his wounds now that he is starting to realize I want to help him and am his friend. He loves the pets. Smart boy can place up high on picnic tables now too!


Pupdate 06/06/2020

Henry has needed quite a bit of tending to medically during his stay with me. He has very sensitive skin which is common for his breed so I have been taking extra care to not only treat his hot spot but to prevent any more from appearing. These are some of the products I've been using to help keep him clean and soothed. I also have hooked his kennel up with not one but two layers of cushion to help the soothing and heeling process due to the location of his hot spot on his leg , he lays on it while sleeping so the blankets help. I have also been preparing chicken for him daily as he isn't a fan of eating much of his dry food with out it.


Pupdate 06/07/2020

Henry was a little grumpy this morning. He was not a huge fan of waking up at 5:30 am and getting right into duration down + distance training but he pushed through his lesson like a champ and ate his whole breakfast when we got home. His hot spot appears to be healing well as is the scab on his nose.


Pupdate 06/08/2020

One week into training, Henry is weighing in at 63lbs. He has been reluctant to finish his dry food without a little something extra in it so I have been adding things like chicken, rice and beef bone broth into his meals. His hot spot is healing well but he bonked the scab off his nose once again last night restarting the healing process for that. Neosporin has been his friend.


Pupdate 06/09/2020

Henry out on our walk today off leash. He is doing good with sticking close to me while we heel. Henry gets distracted by other dogs walking near him, so we have been practicing having him heel next to my puppy Kylo which is helping desensitize him.


Pupdate 06/10/2020


Pupdate 06/11/2020

Henry out off leash at the park. He definitely has his moods where he is more or less willing to work than others. I have used his treats as encouragement when he gets in one of those moods. His nose scab is healing up nicely. The spot on his leg is still remains untouched after Henry was granted cone-less sleeping privileges. He has been liking his crate so much this week, it can be difficult to get him out of it some mornings.


Pupdate 06/12/2020

Henry out at the park today practicing some puppy push ups off leash. Henry reaches a point where he is tired and doesn't feel like working his commands anymore, usually after about 45 minutes to an hour worth of training. At this point using the E-Collar becomes counter productive because it sends Henry into a tantrum. 45 minute sessions is a perfect amount of time for practice and to push Henry to his limits without him getting burnt out.


Pupdate 06/12/2020



Henry out enjoying his last day with me. We did some overall work on all of his commands getting him excited to get home and see his parents tomorrow. His night with the cone off proved to be a poor choice as Henry decided to start munching on his other leg! Poor guy is fighting a spot on both sides but it is actively being treated with hot spot care ointments. His nose scab is falling off on its own and assuming he doesn't mess it up more tonight he is on the road to looking fully healed! Very proud of Henry and the progress he has made during his two weeks with me.



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