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Hanz | German Shepherd | Northridge CA

Hanz the German Shepherd from Northridge, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Two Week Board & Train Program. Hanz was trained by Jesse Medina in Acton, CA.

Hanz is great with humans but is extremely anti-social and does not like other dogs. Loving Nature-Intelligence-Goofiness

3 things you don't like: -Aggression towards other dogs. -Need to constantly bark if he hears a dog nearby-Hates being picked up. Hanz was a dog adopted at about 18 months from a rescue. Initial impressions of him were shy and timid but acclimated really well to his new home. That's when his personality came out and it showed us his previous anti-socialization. We cannot take him on walks in the neighborhood due to his extreme aggression towards other dogs.


Pupdate #2


Pupdate #3

Hanz on a hike!


Pupdate #4


Pupdate #5

Hanging out at the park!


Pupdate #6


Pupdate #7

Having some off leash fun!



Pupdate #8


Pupdate #9

Place command and growing confidence!


Pupdate #10


Pupdate #11


Pupdate #12


Pupdate #13

Having fun with another day of public practice

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