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Gruden | American Staffordshire Terrier | Westminster, CA | In Training

Introducing Gruden to our two week board and train program. He is a big guy who can be difficult to manage sometimes. He knows some commands but usually chooses when we wants to listen to them. We will be spending two weeks working on fundamental commands to lay a solid foundation of obedience for him to take back home to his family.


Pupdate 01/04/21

Gruden had a productive day today. We started our morning early with a long walk around the city on a busy street. We practiced the heel command for a while and randomly making stops to practice the sit command and make sure he's paying attention still. Such a sweet guy loves to get his praise after completing a command. A little noisy in his crate this morning but only because he had to go potty.


Pupdate 01/05/21

Teaching gruden to follow my lea by constantly changing pace and directions doing figure 8s around these trees. Gruden is starting to understand the idea of the command and made some improvement today.


Pupdate 01/06/21

Teaching Gruden the place command. He is okay with getting on the cott itself but can get stubborn when it comes to sitting once on it. Once he starts to understand I'm going to be more stubborn than he is, he sits and we begin practicing building distance from eachother.


Pupdate 01/07/21

Gruden needs extra miles on practicing the heel command. He definitely wants to pull and lead the way so we are making corrections consistently to keep his focus on me and the command.


Pupdate 01/08/21

Practicing the place command in a more advanced location. Now the place object is raised which requires Gruden to jump up on. This proves his improvement of confidence as he was too nervous to jump up at first.


Pupdate 01/09/21

Gruden is easily distracted and wants to sniff everything on our walk so we need to be on top of things with his training collar. If we leave him to his own choices he will pull and do as he pleases however if you use the collar to hold him accountable he will quickly begin falling back into place and walking on your left side without pulling.


Pupdate 01/10/21

Out on our evening walk. Gruden can be a little reactive to really loud vehicles passing by like trucks and motorcycles. We have been working on ignoring these things and redirecting his attention back to his commands.


Pupdate 01/11/21

Proudly completing a long walk around the track today off leash. Gruden was able to walk with me for some time off leash with very light corrections! He was able to ignore most joggers on the path but some bikers passing us caught his attention. I was able to use the collar to keep him by my side and focused on heeling.


Pupdate 01/12/21

Today gruden and I practiced all of his commands and tried them off leash. He gets in his playful moods where I need to rely on the collar to get his attention. Once we have his attention we can get him to place and sit. Moving to the down command however he still requires a tug on his collar.


Pupdate 01/13/21

Working on off leash commands. He gets a bit wild when he is hyper and can be difficult to get to focus so after getting some energy out with a long walk we worked on his down command more.


Pupdate 01/14/21

Gruden did a night walk with my dog Kylo and they loved it! They are both so playful around eachother we have to balance training and play time because if it were up to them it would be play time 100%.


Pupdate 01/15/21

Gruden out working his off leash commands today. He is such a playful boy it's best to let him get a bit tired first before practicing commands to really get his focus on work and not play.


Pupdate 01/16/21

Final day here with me for Grudens training. We worked on some indoor manners and filmed some more for his final. Gruden has been awesome to have here and we're sad to see him leave but he's excited to show off what he has been practicing the last two weeks to his family!


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