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Freya | Pitbull Labrador Husky Mix | Venice, CA | In Training

Freya’s, a 5 month old Mix, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 3 week board and train program. Freya’s is a sweet and energetic girl who loves playing with her doggie friends. She people friendly but will jump up to greet anyone she meets. She tends to get easily distracted and needs some work on proper walking. Over the 3 weeks Frey’s will be working on her off Leash obedience commands, impulse control, and off leash walking. Check in to see Freya’s progress!


Pupdate 5/25/2020

Freya and her sister got to meet my rooster and chickens today. She wanted to go into the cage and play but the rooster wasn’t having it. I introduced Freya to the e collar and got her conditioned to it. She doesn’t seem to mind it. We practiced the come and sit command. She ate didn’t finish her morning meal, so I saved it and let her eat the rest for lunch, but she did eat all of her dinner. Freya loves hanging out with her sister and all her new friends.


Pupdate 5/26/2020

Today Freya and I went to the park to work on her obedience. We practiced more on the come and sit commands. Still a work in progress but she’s starting to understand the concept. It was bit hard for her to stay focused with all the different distractions around a us (people, other dogs, ducks, etc.) but not bad for her second day of training. She ate all of her food today, both meals.


Pupdate: 5/27/2020

Freya practicing the place command. She did very well for learning this new command today. She caught on very quick. Place is a great for creating calmness as well as building up a dogs confidence. Freya is a little more reserved than her sister, so this will definitely help boost her confidence. She ate all of her breakfast and most of her dinner, there was only a few bites left.


Pupdate 5/28/2020

Freya working on her loose leash heel. She did awesome! Still needs some more practice, but now she’s hardly pulling on the leash.


Pupdate 5/29/2020


Pupdate 5/30/2020

Freya learning the down command.


Pupdate 5/31/2020


Pupdate 6/1/2020

Today Freya and I went to the park and practiced commands. We practiced more on the down and heel commands. Freya tried the place command on some new objects today, the bench and picnic table. She likes jumping up into the car now. Whenever we are getting the leave, she is always the first one in the car.


Pupdate 6/2/2020


Pupdate 6/3/2020

Freya working on duration down, off leash. As you can see, she wasn't too happy. She wanted to be running around with her sister and friends who were playing behind us.


Pupdate 6/4/2020

Today Freya learned a new command, Under. It was a very easy command for her since she already loves going under things.


Pupdate 6/5/2020


Pupdate 6/6/2020

Sisters working together on their commands. Freya is doing a great job with her training. She is completely off leash now! We just need a little work on not jumping when greeting people, but other than that, she is doing awesome!


Pupdate 6/7/2020


Pupdate 6/8/2020


Pupdate 6/9/2020

Today Gemma and Freya went with me to my family’s restaurant for lunch. They practiced their place/duration down commands.


Pupdate 6/10/2020

Today Freya and Gemma went to a puppy pool party to stay cool in the heat. Freya made a new friend, Blue the Pitbull. Freya didn’t care for swimming, but enjoyed going on the steps to wet her paws. Freya and Gemma thought it would be a good idea to go on a floaty until they realized that it moved. Once it cooled down, Freya got a bath and practiced all her commands at home. She had big appetite after all the fun she had today. She ate all of her food, plus a little extra. She is going to sleep good tonigh.


Pupdate 6/11/2020



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