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Everest | Rottweiler | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Everest is here for three week training. Owner has said that while an incredibly sweet little girl, Everest tends to bark and growl and strangers and kids alike. Everest is gripped with fear. She know few, if any commands, but has a sweet temperament that we hope to accentuate through obedience training and socialization.

03/18/2020 Day of Pick-Up

Everest was exploring her new living arrangements while trying to figure out how to get a treat out of the holder. She went on two walks and was introduced to the E-Collar. She met all members of my family with her typical reaction, but she eventually came to be petted and loved by all.


Pupdate 03/19/2020

Wanted to let you know that she finally got her tail out from between her legs. She started exploring around the house and even playing with Oso outside.

Oso helped demonstrate a loose leash heel. First three pictures are looking down on Hacienda Country Club. It is all uphill from our home, so Everest was pooped when she got to the top. Coming back was much easier, lol.


Pupdate 03/20/2020

What do you think a thirteen year old does with a new puppy???

That is a slow feeder bowl. Since Everest can blow through two cups of food in under a minute we started using this bowl. She now takes about five minutes to eat which is much healthier.


Pupdate 03/21/2020

Spent time working on come and sit. Very basic, but important to any further training. Everest at times knows the commands, but she seems unwilling, stubborn, to perform; likely another facet of her personality.

In addition to command work we went on another long hike to the same place as yesterday. She did better, pushing back less, but still not a willing participant.

I have increased her daily food consumption by 25%. I hope the bag you ordered is arriving tomorrow!

My favorite part of working with puppies is flipping them over and rubbing them all over. Ears, between toes, belly, and that spot right between the eyes. Very relaxing and it gets them used to being handled. Puppies who can relax and be touched do better at the vet's office, are better candidates for service work, and generally can chill with the family better.


Pupdate 03/22/2020

So what happens when you hike your puppy in the morning? That's right, sleepy dog. With the nice weather yesterday both of the dogs took the afternoon off and slept. With the challenges that are in front of us tomorrow (weather) it seemed only fair. Back to work Everest.


Pupdate 03/23/2020

Out for the evening walk

Walking with traffic helps to reduce the reactions to distractions.

Some play time with Oso between working, sleeping, and eating.


Pupdate 03/24/2020

Walked to Starbucks, again....

Team dirty nose spent the play time attempting to get the ground squirrels in our backyard. Neither were successful at getting the varment, only at getting dirty.


Pupdate 03/25/2020

This is an example of what I have been consistently getting from Everest. Generally she vocalizes when I put the E-Collar on. I haven't turned it on, just put it on. I have shied away from using the collar until last night. I did turn it; and up! She had nearly the same reaction, but the behavior changed. She started to heel better. Again, this morning, the heel was better. I think I have been getting played for a few days now.


Pupdate 03/26/2020

The first picture is my trainer Sheena. Wanted to get a second opinion on what I'm working with. Conclusion is the same. Everest is very stubborn, and a big O'le baby to boot.

Sheena spent about 15 minutes working with Everest on heel, trying to get the heel tighter and have Everest be more responsive. The result is the second picture. Everest sleeps funny, lol.

Everest had to nap outdoors yesterday while we did the weekly cleaning on the kennel room. She sleeps almost everywhere the same way.


Pupdate 03/26/2020

For the adults only!! Everest is on a flat collar and our E Collar. The E Collar is off, and I don't have the remote. I get the same reaction when the E Collar is on and I'm activicating it. Just want you to know what we see each time we go out- with or without the E Collar.

The heel is looking better, but we should be further along in the training continuum.


Pupdate 03/27/2020


Pupdate 03/28/2020

Afternoon work in the drive; all off leash. I'm moving to a more short training less longer walk as I'm seeing better results with shorter working time.

My brother-in-law met Everest and started walking her. Super sloppy, but she didn't resist at all- maybe even secretly liked Ralph, lol.

What does Everest do to communicate I'm over this whole walk thing- lays on the water bowl.


Pupdate 03/29/2020

Everest met our gardener yesterday, Mario. Mario has three dogs of his own and loves all of his customer's dogs. Oso typically plays with Mario before Mario gets all his work done. Everest was shy, as is her nature, but not the barking and apprehensiveness that she typically displays. After Mario greeted the pups, they played in the yard while he cut the lawn. Everest loves rolling around in the dirt and clippings!


Pupdate 03/30/2020


Pupdate 03/31/2020

Let me apologize for the poor video quality. We spent a good deal of time working together, but I failed to capture any of the work. My brother-in-law stopped by today, Everest made no attempt to bark or growl at him! Progress.


Pupdate 04/01/2020

Distance down and sit practice. Down is clearly her favorite.


Pupdate 04/02/2020

Some good news on the barking, etc. front- Everest was in my car yesterday when our two youngest (teens) kids got in the car. Everest was curious, slightly distant, but didn't bark, growl, or anything that would be perceived as an issue. Everest eventually walked around in the car, even licking my head (yuck) at one point. Allowing Everest to define how and when she is meeting people allows for a better engagement.

Follow-up on Mario the gardner, Everest also saw him yesterday and again, no barking, no growling. Mario allow her to approach and eventually pet her under the chin. Successful engagement.


Pupdate 04/03/2020

So this happened yesterday. Super sweet; why I love Everest.


Pupdate 04/04/2020


Pupdate 04/05/2020

Yes, when you don't have school, you can work dogs.

An empty field where Oso and Everest can chase rabbits, squirrels, etc. Nothing to chase in the rain however.

Does it surprise anyone that Everest wants a doughnut?


Pupdate 04/06/2020


They both were playing with the pink ball. Thought it was very cute.


Pupdate 04/07/2020


Pupdate 04/08/2020

Thought you might be interested in where we go throughout the day. Black is about six miles with a 800+ ft. vertercial change. We have only done this twice as it is a very long way. Both times Everest was on leash, without the E-Collar, but did very well. Yellow route is about three miles and is our more common early morning route. Recently Everest has been walking off leash, with an E-Collar on this route. The red is around our home. She hasn't been on a leash here for a couple of weeks. We sometimes get to greet the neighbors, and Everest is always with an E-Collar here.

This is on the yellow route. We stopped to practice the Place command. We are on our way back which explains Everest looking tired.

Wanted you to see the behavior when Everest is asked to work (perform commands) without an E-Collar or leash. She has a physical reaction to my hand when asking her to sit. I believe that there is further discussion about training necessary.


Pupdate 04/09/2020

Tried a placebo collar today; mixed results. Everest was obeying at first, but as the walk went on she seemed to understand that there wasn't an E-Collar. She is very smart!

Used the place command to get her onto the entrance to one of the tracks up here. She was off leash after we switched the placebo and the real collar.

Everest did find a rabbit den (presumed rabbit).

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