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Enzo | Lagotto Romagnolo | Los Angeles,Ca | In-Training

Meet Enzo! The funny and friendly 4 month old Lagotto Romagnolo from Los Angeles, CA! Enzo joined Off Leash SoCal for the Two week Board and Train Program to work on his nipping, jumping and learning basic manners. Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate: 11/28/21

Enzo adapted well to his space and new surroundings. He did well with his evening walk but has not yet went #2. Tomorrow’s lesson will be more recall stay tuned!


Pupdate: 11/29/21

Sweet boy Enzo did a good job on his recall lesson today. He is still a bit shy but will work for treats! We will let that work for his 1st day but over the next few days we are going to really challenge him on his confidence. Tomorrow’s lesson will be the place command check back to see how he does!


Pupdate: 11/30/21

Enzo did a great job on his recall and place lesson today! He is a quick learner and loves to work for treats! He didn’t have any potty mistakes today and had healthy stool! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/1/21

Enzo did well on his heel lesson today! He has opened up a lot and loves to jump off of his place command! Enzo is enjoying our adventures and loves ending his day with a nice made meal! Check back for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/2/21

Enzo did good near distractions today. He worked through his commands and hasn’t had any potty mistakes. He enjoys his play sessions with Hazel and loves to share his toys! Check back tomorrow for more fun!



Todays lesson was all about eye contact! Enzo did good on holding his extended commands while focusing on me. He is still working on holding his eye contact near really interesting distractions but I cant blame him for the little dog parade that strolled by, it was hard not to watch! Check back for tomorrow’s pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 12/4/21

Enzo has really pick up his commands and has gained so much confidence! Even though he would very much prefer too, Enzo now will work without treats! He hasn’t had any potty mistakes and he is eating all of his meals! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate fun!


Pupdate: 12/5/21

Enzo gets an A+ for the day! He’s getting better with his confidence and giving great eye contact. He loves to jump out of his place command and loves to be praised with attention! We worked all day WITHOUT TREATS! Great job Enzo! He received a nice size treat at the end of his day! Check back tomorrow for more pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 12/6/21

Enzo had so much fun today! We worked on his door manners, he played with his friends in the dirt, took a trip to the spa, and ended his night with a nice meal! Training for Enzo has become easy and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more adventures!


Pupdate: 12/7/21

Today we worked on extended command with eye contact. We trained while letting the leash drag behind him and he did well responding to all commands while I was hands Free! Keep up the good work Enzo!


Pupdate: 12/8/21

No potty mistakes today! Enzo did great listening to his commands off leash today. He’s still working hard on his greeting manners he would rather say hi from a distance and prefers more calm new faces! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/9/21

Enzo was the best laundry buddy today and did a great job working on his commands. He still working hard on his confidence with extended sit or down when greeting new people. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure you won’t want to miss it!


Pupdate: 12/10/21

Enzo‘s receives another A+ on today’s training session. He did great with his commands and greeting manners! He’s learned so much from this program and received plenty comments on his behavior! Keep up the good work Enzo tune in tomorrow for his last day!


Pupdate: 12/11/21

Enzo enjoyed his last day out in the sun off leash and confident! He did great on his greeting manners and holding his extended commands! Enzo has learned so much and can’t wait show his family his new skills! Be on the look out for his final video!


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