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Eddie | Boxer mix | Diamond Bar, CA | In-Training

Meet Eddie a Seven month old Boxer mix from Diamond bar, CA. He is here for our 2 week Board and Train Program to learn basic obedience and to better his focus. He gets a bit rough when the grandkids are around and doesn’t know his own strength. He gets distracted easily and can’t hold a command. Overall he is so cute and he has the sweetest eyes ever. Stay tuned for his two week transformation!

Went to the park today, worked on our come to sit, holding the sit Command. He did very well! Eddie was being such a goofball after our session! Got to have fun with it right.


Pupdate: 07/26/2021

Today we focused on our heel, took it up a notch and added the dog distractions. Eddie is doing phenomenal! Worked on our sit and duration down, holding his commands til he got the release comman. He’s such a smart boy!!


Pupdate: 07/27/2021

Eddie did so good today at the park! Had so many distractions but he kept his focus and did very well on his heel and down.

Went for a long walk today! He’s holding his sit longer and did good until I gave him the release command. Such a good boy!


Pupdate: 07/28/2021

Eddie is getting his place down! He’s doing very well


Pupdate: 07/29/2021

Building Eddie’s confidence, working on his place more on different obstacles.

He’s got the sweetest eyes!

Eddie has been taking all his medication and his wounds are getting a lot better!


Pupdate: 07/30/2021

Today we were practicing more on loading up, Eddie was used to being put into the car. Now he nailed it and does it himself!! So proud of him!


Pupdate: 07/31/2021

Today we went to tractor supply, worked on all his commands throughout the aisles and around people. He did very well.

Had another session at the park, worked him through dog distractions.


Pupdate: 08/01/2021

Today we focused on more of his come to sit with more distractions at the park today. He’s doing so good, I’m so proud of Eddie!


Pupdate: 08/02/2021

Eddie did very well today, went through all his commands once again, both duration and different Variations. He’s such a good boy!


Pupdate: 08/03/2021

I’m so Proud of Eddie today! He’s getting better each and every session, working on all his commands and trying to get him more sharp.


Pupdate: 08/04/2021

Here‘s this cutie pie During our session, working him through kid distractions, basketball courts, and throughout all the noises. He’s been working hard and getting so much better.


Pupdate: 08/05/2021

Today we worked on Eddie’s door manners, kept moving around acting busy to see if he would bolt out the front door. He did very well.


Pupdate: 08/06/2021

Working on our off leash commands. Having fun at the park, so excited with how far he’s coming along!


Pupdate: 08/07/2021

Today we went to the outlets to work more off leash, then afterwards had some fun! Eddie deserves it!!


Pupdate: 08/08/2021

Saying their goodbyes.. such good boys!!


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