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Dexter | Pomsky | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

This is Dexter, a 9 month old Pomsky from Santa Monica, CA. He is here for our two week board and train program. Dexter is a huge fluffy ball of energy that loves all people and dogs. Dexter flops down while on walks, excessively chews on non toys/food, and barks. Over the next two weeks, he will learn the basic and fundamental commands that will have his mom enjoy going on walks with him, so stay tuned for his pawsome transformation!


PUPDATE 5/10/2021


PUPDATE 5/11/2021


Pupdate 5/12/2021

Dexter had a great first day with his new trainer Teya! We went to a park and worked on all our commands, but down. He is great at heel and his recall is pretty good too! He is such a good boy. He gets along great with everyone, dog or person he meets! We are so happy to have him on board! Stay tuned for tomorrow's pupdate.


Pupdate 5/13/2021:

We had such a good day today. Dexter met all the dogs I currently have here and they loved each other. We went around the neighborhood and local park and practiced our basic commands. He is such a happy little guy and he is learning fast. I can't wait to work more tomorrow! He wasn't interested in his dinner tonight but I left it with him when I put him to bed in case he decides he wants it later. Stay tuned for tomorrow's pupdate and Dexter's progress.


Pupdate 5/15/2021

Dexter is still in great spirits today and his usual perky, curious, and happy self. He had solid stool and regular bowl movement. He ate great today too and slept and drank water regularly.


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