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Demi | Pitbull/Chihuahua Mix | La Puente, CA | In-training

Demi is here for our one week board and train program. Demi is super friendly with everyone (jumps on strangers), doesn't hold commands well, only knows sit, and pulls while on leash.

So, the afternoon today was spent at Home Depot. Cooler inside, lots of distractions, and an opportunity to meet new people properly. Demi worked this morning outside before it got too hot and will be back at it tonight.

After working this morning, Demi was back at it around lunch. She was at Bass Pro Shops (more indoor work because of the heat) working heel, down, and place. Found out Demi is not a fish fan.

Yes, we do have some time for all the dogs to play. Demi definitely like to wrestle around in the mornings with Oso. Burning off some energy has allowed for a more focused effort during training.

This is Demi typically after 30 minutes of working. Not an issue, we can give her a break and start back in an hour. Very puppy behavior.

Spent the afternoon at the Cerritos Library and Sheriff's Station. Demi was mostly on leash but I was able to let the leash drag around behind her simulating an off leash feel. She was great with everyone as usual.

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