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Deebo | Labrador Retriever | Azusa, CA | In-Training

Deebo is a six month old Labrador Retriever from Azusa, CA who has joined us for our One Week Board and Train Program. Deebo does not listen and is here for basic obedience and potty training. He is a friendly pup who enjoys his playtime and loves affection! Over the next seven days, Deebo will work on his obedience with hopes of becoming a well mannered pup! Check in to see his progress!


Deebo and I spent the day getting acquainted. We settled in at home and had Deebo adjust to his new surroundings for the next seven days. We had some playtime in the front yard with a tennis ball and began to establish our bond! We also went for a walk around my neighborhood and introduced him to Heel which consists of having Deebo walk next to me on my left side. He did very well by not pulling on his leash and walking next to me throughout our walk!


I took a trip to the park with Deebo today and we continued working on his Heel. It is now applied on every walk we go on and Deebo is doing very good the more we practice! He was also introduced to Come to Sit today. Come to Sit consists of having Deebo Come towards me on my right, go around behind me, and Sit on my left. Deebo would stop behind me and not make it to Sit on my left side, so I gave him a little leash tension to have him follow through. He is understanding the concept and is starting to Come all the way around the more we continue to work on it! He did very well sleeping through the night and had no accidents his first day here!


Deebo was introduced to Place today. Place means having Deebo getting onto an elevated object and remain on the object with a Sit or Down. It can also help build his confidence more and it can be of great use whenever guests are coming over. Although he felt like he could not Place on the object considering his size, I guided him by using a little leash tension and some verbal encouragement. Deebo did very well understanding what I was asking, and was able to Place after a few attempts!


Deebo was introduced to Down today. Teaching Down can be a little difficult considering that it is a submissive position to a dog in general. Deebo and I worked on it with his kibble, leash tension, and patience. I asked him to Sit and I began to lure him towards the floor with his food in my hand aimed at his nose. I proceeded to move his kibble away from his nose and move it straight down while using a little leash tension for guidance. Although Deebo did get up a few times, we reset and kept trying. It took a few tries but Deebo was successful and will continue to get better the more we practice!


Deebo has been working on his Door Manners since the day I picked him up. Every time I open a door, Deebo is to remain in a Sit until I ask him to go through. When we began, I had him Sit for five seconds and I released him with his Break. We then increased it to ten seconds and kept working on that repetition with five second increments. Although he did get out of it a few times, we always reset and tried again. Deebo has been doing such a good job and has reached his two minute goal!


Deebo is focusing on his Extended Place, Sit, and Down as he prepares for his Final video! He and I worked on a run through of what he has learned throughout the time he has been in training with me. Deebo understands the concept of what I ask him to do as he catches on really fast. Even though he did come out of his Down, it is a minor fix that we will continue working on and have it cleaned up!


Deebo has completed his One Week Board and Train and is ready to come home! He has learned Come, Sit, Heel, Place, and Down. He also had no accidents throughout the time he spent with me! I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be his trainer and for also trusting me with him! It was a pleasure to work with Deebo and I am excited to show you what he can do!

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