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Daisy | Yellow American Labrador | Manhattan Beach, CA | In-Training

Meet Daisy the sweet lab from Manhattan Beach! She is a great dog, she is smart and sweet and ready to learn. She is pretty good already at walking with you, but she has a lot of anxiety and has some difficulties with being out in the world. We will be building up her confidence and working on overall training so she can go out with her family on all their adventures! Stay tuned for her 14 day transformation with her sister Dixie!


Pupdate | 5/2/2021

Daisy‘s first day! She is already so good! Daisy is so smart and a fast learner. We started learning the basic commands. The main goal of today was just to start getting her to put together the new command words with the desired action. Other than that I didn’t want to over work her so she could acclimate to the new environment and separation and everything. She ate all her dinner and is being very brave for me!


Pupdate 5/3/2021

Today we went to a few different parks and worked on learning all our commands. The first thing we did however, was go meet up with Dixie! Daisy is learning fast and is a great dog. She is still coming out of her shell but I know she will be fully adapted soon!


Pupdate 5/4/2021

Today we met up with the lead trainer and Kindra at a Tewinkle park. We worked mostly on our recall but also did a decent amount of heel work. Daisy did show some signs of anxiety, and had mostly loose stool all day. You can see she did drop some weight as well, which is completely normal considering we have been doing lots of work, physically and mentally. That on top of her stress pooping and graze eating can cause a temporary dip in weight. She is still happy and healthy though, so no need to worry! I have added a video lesson on the recall command. Keep in mind this is just a small snippet of what we did today and that it is still only her second day. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that with the “break” command we don’t use the e-collar button at all. I reference the e-collar informational video as well, but that will be posted on another day so stay tuned!


Pupdate 5/5/2021

Today we went to a few different locations. First we met at a park with Kindra and Daisy, as well as Haley (the lead trainer) and her pup. We worked mostly on heel and down, but also did some place work. We also started some duration and distance down work. We went to lunch and Daisy was so good with her duration down next to us while we ate at an outdoor restaurant. We then worked more with our heel at a little more public area to start getting her used to working with a higher distraction level. I am adding rice to her meals to help solidify her loose stool. She was in high spirits today! She is definitely starting to open up. She was running and playing and being the happy go lucky lab I know she is. It was very heartwarming to see her come out of her shell and start showing a lot less signs of anxiety. She is also gained some weight back! Stay tuned!


Pupdate 5/6/2021

Today we had some automotive difficulties so we did most of today around the house and park nearest to us. However, she is still getting better everyday! Her heel is getting better but we need to work on her positioning for her recall. She is stellar at place and down already! Today I added a video that includes just a short lesson on our "heel" and "down" commands. She is gaining her weight back and has significantly less anxiety lately! Her stool was solid today as well. She is such a good girl and doing better in every aspect everyday. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!


Pupdate 5/7/2021:

Today we worked a lot! We went to downtown Burbank this afternoon and worked for a few hours; mostly on heel, place and duration sit. We got lots of compliments on how well trained she is! One lady who stopped us to tell us how good she is was even a retired dog trainer. We were very proud. Later in the evening we went to the park and did a bunch of reps of all our training. She is doing great, she is happy and prancing and playing when she isn't in a command. She is eating a lot better and enthusiastic about her food, such a great sign of her adjustment! Her stool was completely solid all day so I am switching her dinners back to kibble instead of rice. She dipped a little in her weight, but only less than a pound, most likely because we spent a few more hours than normal training today, so again no need to worry since its healthy weight loss. Everyone that sees her says how good she is and how cute her face is. Stay tuned for tomorrows pupdate!



Today we went to fashion Island. Daisy is getting better at being out in crowds. She has been having solid stool still! We played with the ball this evening for a long time as a reward for how far she has come.


Pupdate | 5/9/2021

Happy Mothers Day! Today we met up with our sister Dixie for a quick minute at Legg Lake. Daisy is doing so good at heel! We are heeling well with Teya as well as other people! This is such a big accomplishment and everyone is very proud. Other than that we worked on our distance and duration down and place. Daisy is the best! She had solid poop today but wasn't too interested in food this morning. Stay tuned to see how she is doing tomorrow!


Pupdate | 5/10/2021

Today we went to the Empire Center. We worked on distance and duration place and down, as well as heel and door manners. Everyone was so impressed with her down and place! On our evening walk we ran into some horses! Daisy was very good and stayed in command the whole time. Solid poop again today. She wasn't interested in breakfast or treats but is chowing down on her dinner right now. We didn't see Dixie today but it didn't seem to dampen Daisy's spirit! She was still romping around and playing when not in a command.


Pupdate 5/11/2021:

Today we met up with Dixie in Hollywood! It was such a good confidence booster for Daisy. She was a little anxious at first, since there was so much going on, but she was great about keeping her focus and opened up fast. Again today we got so many compliments on how well trained she is.


Pupdate 5/12/2021:

We went to a cute little plaza today with Dixie. We had such a fun time and worked on all our training. Everyone loved seeing the sisters and how good and sweet they are! We felt like celebrities. Daisy is doing so great at all her commands. We might even be able to shoot her final video tomorrow. We have been doing a lot more physical activity the past few days so her weight dropped a little, but I promise its all healthy weight loss.


Pupdate 5/13/2021:

Today we went to Santa Monica and worked on all our training and commands for our final video. She was a little tired from staying up, being the sweet loyal lab she is, with me late last while I worked on my finals. She was amazing in the morning though. I was so impressed. Her heel is impeccable. I can weave and switch directions with no warning and she stays glued to my leg. She is a Velcro dog for sure! Stay tuned for her last dew pupdates.


Pupdate 5/14/2021

Today we went to the Hollywood walk of fame again! We met up with Dixie and did all our commands for our final video! She also ate some breakfast today! She never eats breakfast so i was impressed. She will be so happy to see everyone on Sunday!


Today I let Daisy have a pretty laid back day. She worked so hard the past two weeks and learned so much, plus she has an emotionally big day tomorrow. She has more than deserved a day full of naps and treats. We did go to the local park for awhile and showed off all she has learned. She has been such a great to get to know and love and train. I will miss having her around, but I know she will be so excited to be reunited with her family.


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