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Coco | Boxer | 4 Years Old | Lakewood | In Training

Sweet Coco here is settling in nicely. When we got back I let her explore the backyard, and got to know her a little better. We're hanging out in the sunshine before going for a walk to introduce the E Collar.


Coco Pupdate 02/24/2020


Pupdate 2/25/2020

Coco during our second walk for the day! We practiced come, sit, down, and place this morning before our walk, and then heel during our walk. She didn't eat all of her breakfast this morning, but she ate a little bit after our walk and afternoon playtime, I'm hoping she'll have a good appetite after all our walking today. She's been a little nervous, but working through it and I've been giving her lots of love.



Pupdate 2/27/2020

Coco's been practicing her skills around other dogs! She struggles A LOT around other dogs, and loud humans, but she's getting better at holding her sits and downs.



Pupdate 2/29/2020

Being the goodest girl at the home depot! We practiced our basics and heel around people, and shopping carts. She wasn't feeling super good about all the people and noises at first but quickly got into the swing of things with some praise and encouragement.



Pupdate 3/2/2020

Working at the Home Depot again tonight! She's doing better with basics around human distractions, and we're working on fine turning those turns before doing more off leash heeling.



Pupdate 3/4/2020

Showing off our skills at home depot again! She's getting much better at getting back into heel with Ecollar corrections. Tomorrow we'll be working around more foot traffic.



Pupdate 3/6/2020

Practicing those food refusal skills after a long day of drills off leash around the neighborhood.



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