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Cheddar | Costa Mesa, CA | In-Training

Meet Cheddar! He’s a 6 year old Whipper mix! He’s here for our One Week Board and Train Program! He has trouble pulling on leash, getting easily distracted with other dogs and has a hard time listening. He’s a very sweet boy who is ready to learn. Check out his 7 day transformation!


Pupdate 10/31/2021


Cheddar explored his new environment today. He was a little nervous and unsure but very curious. We went for a walk around my neighborhood while we worked on getting used to the sensation of the e-collar. He is doing a great job so far. He was exhausted from today and took a much needed nap. He did whine a bit in his kennel but after a while he relaxed. He also ate half of his dinner and went potty outside.


Pupdate 11/01/2021

Cheddar was a good boy today. We worked on his heel command, sit command and door manners. He does try to rush out every time I open it so we worked on having him sit beforehand. We also worked on his heel since he does tend to pull. He is getting a lot better. He is a little nervous and avoids eye contact but he will get better. We also went to our local park to practice working around children and their families. He was really interested at first then seemed to not mind them at all. He ate all of his food and went potty outside. He is being a very good boy!


Pupdate 11/02/2021

Cheddar went to Citadel Outlets where we worked on all of his commands. It takes him about 30 minutes to get more comfortable being in a new environment. He is really shy, timid and a little nervous. He is a really sweet boy and started to get the hang of his commands. Cheddar also did really well with his down commands but we’re still having a little trouble with his sit. Overall he is doing really great! He did really well with people passing and some dogs. There was a dog he barked at but not for very long. His heel is also a lot better and he doesn’t pull as much as he used to. He issuch a good boy!


Pupdate 11/03/2021

Cheddar went to Petco today! He did a really good job around all of the new smells. He did try to go up to a couple of dogs but seemed to relax after a few minutes. We also went to Lowe’s to work around louder distractions. He was a bit nervous around the loading truck but tried his hardest to stay in a down. He was really curious about all of the workers and customers. His heel has also gotten a lot better! We were walking around with minimal leash pressure! He is doing such a good job! Cheddar ended the night working on his commands at The Block! He did a really good job ignoring people but was really interested in the children crying! Overall he is such a good boy and is learning so much!


Pupdate 11/04/2021

Cheddar went to The Grove today where he worked on all of his commands! He did a really good job ignoring other dogs. He was really curious about everyone passing by! He was a little nervous around the water fountain and the trolly! After walking by it a couple of times he seemed to relax a bit more. It did take him a couple of minutes to get comfortable in his new environment. Cheddar also did really well with his down and heel command! He’s also doing a lot better with his come to sit command! At first he was a bit confused but he is quickly getting the hang of it. Overall Cheddar is being a really good boy! He can’t wait to show you what he’s learned!


Pupdate 11/05/2021

Cheddar was a really good boy today! We went to Hollywood Walk of Fame to work on all of his commands! At first he was really timid but soon he seemed to relax. He was a little spooked by the elevator but did a really good job with all of the people and loud buses. Cheddar is coming out of his shell every day! He is also doing really well with his heel and his come to sit! He is such a good boy! We also walked by some loud construction and he did amazing! Overall cheddar is learning so much and is being an great boy!


Pupdate 11/06/2021

Cheddar went to Santa Monica Pier to work on all of commands! He did a great job! He was scared of the water so he didn’t feel comfortable going near the edge of the pier. He did an amazing job ignoring other dogs! He also ignored passing people and stayed in a very loose leashed heel. He is such a good boy! He also played with my dog Mia today and was really happy to run around! Overall he was a really smart boy and he can’t wait to show you all that he’s learned!

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