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Charlie | Golden Retriever Dog Training | Hacienda Heights CA

Charlie, a 6 month old Golden Retriever from Hacienda Heights, CA recently completed his 2 Week Board & Train dog training program with Balanced Canine Training SoCal's Chris Louie. See Charlies results below!


In training:

Day of Drop off 07/28/19

As you can see Charlie is as sweet as the flower on her neck. Charlie has come to us for our three week board and training package. Although she may be very sweet, Charlie is submissive when it comes to meeting new dogs and pees a little, she has a hard time with her recall, and jumps up on people and objects she’s not supposed to. Charlie’s parents want to be comfortable with he ablikty to hold commands, so they can take her out with them everywhere they go. Stand by for Charlie’s rockstar transformation.


Pupdate 07/29/19


Pupdate 07/30/19

First couple days of training, we are going to the local parks to work with controlled distractions. Charlie is already showing a ton of signs of Improvement, Soon she will be ready to go into more crowded places comfortably.


Pupdate 07/31/19

We found a nice little PLACE to hang out at the Home Depot.


Pupdate 08/01/19


Pupdate 08/02/19

These ladies at Puppy Land Grooming, are my hero’s. Not only did they make a last minute appointment, they treated Charlie like she is their own. I can not say enough good things about this place. Thank you for taking such good care of Charlie.


Pupdate 08/03/19

Just out for a morning walk at Legg Lake. Working on distractions, and duration today.




Pupdate 08/05/19

Charlie is learning to be comfortable on different surfaces, so we are placing on the playground.


Pupdate 08/06/19

Charlie couldnt contain herself, she had to try her hand in modeling for Victoria Secret.

Pupdate 08/07/2019


Pupdate 08/08/19


Pupdate 08/09/19

Had a good day at the dog beach taught Charlie how to hang 10.


Pupdate 08/10/2019



Charlie has the best temper around children. Beautiful day at the park, and perfect time to perfect our skills


Pupdate 08/12/2019


Pupdate 08/13/19

Charlie took a little break in the sprinklers, she is so proud of herself.


Pupdate 08/14/2019


Pupdate 08/15/19

Down with distractions.


Pupdate 08/16/19

Charlie’s downUNDER, while Chief sits properly on his place object.


Pupdate 08/17/19

Morning cuddles with Charlie.


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