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Bubba | Golden Retriever | Burbank - In Training

Bubba gets overly excited with strangers, and while he means good, jumping on strangers and biting their valuables may bring accidental harm to kids, and unnecessary damage to expensive jewelry. He pulls on the leash when he's outside on walks. His focus is lost when he's outside. He forgets all the commands and doesn't listen to his owner even with food. His owners goal would be for him to be able to take him off leash on hikes as it would make his experience better as they could both enjoy their surroundings without having to worry about his safety, and having him pull unnecessarily or be worried about meeting someone that's uncomfortable with dogs. His main goal is to be able to take Bubba outdoors on normal occasions and have him off-leash on his best behavior.


Pupdate #2


Pupdate #3

Bubba was pretty excited today but it learning the difference between when he needs to tone down his excitement for training time and can easily bring it back up for play time.


Pupdate #4


Pupdate #5


Pupdate #6


Pupdate #7


Pupdate #8


Pupdate #9

Today bubba worked on holding all commands and even tested the waters with the under command. He enjoyed getting some freedom at the park and has started to understand the concept of offleash.


Pupdate #10


Pupdate #11

Cleaning up all of our commands and working on place


Pupdate #12


Pupdate #13

Bubba loves showing off how calm he can be around his buddies and around his fans in public!


Pupdate #14

Bubba filmed his final video today and did awesome around distractions he isn't used to being around at the Grove!


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