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Pit Bull - Dog Training | Ace | Fontana, CA

Ace,​ an ​XL Pit Bull​ from Fontana, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board & Train dog training program. Ace was trained by ​dog trainer Amanda Lascari in Trainer La Habra Heights, CA​.

Ace, a 5 month old Pit Bull, has joined the Offleash SoCal pack for our 2 week board and train program. This handsome boy is super sweet and loves to play and make new doggie friends. He has normal puppy behavior: play biting, jumping, etc. that we will be working on. Over the 2 weeks, Ace will be working on his off leash obedience and potty training. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 5/11/2020

Ace loves his new friend! Today He was introduced to the ecollar. He did very well with it, didn’t seem to bother him at all. We practiced the come and sit commands. Ace did pretty good with going to the bathroom outside all day, but had one accident inside the house tonight. I noticed he likes to scarf down his food, so tonight i fed him his dinner in a slow feeder bowl.


Pupdate 5/12/2020


Pupdate 5/13/2020

Ace working on the place command. I think this might be his favorite command so far. He is doing very well with his training. 1 potty accident in the house today.


Pupdate 5/14/2020


Pupdate 5/15/2020 Today Ace worked on the heel command. Still a work in progress, but he is doing very well. We also worked more on come to sit, and place. Potty training is going well, Ace hasn't had any accidents in the house. I still have him eating out of the slow feeder bowl, it has helped him really slow down and chew his kibble.


Pupdate 5/16/2020


Pupdate 5/17/2020


Pupdate 5/18/2020

Today Ace and I went over to the park to work on commands. Ace is doing great with following commands off leash. He is doing awesome with the off leash heel. He stays at my side the entire time. Ace has been doing well with the potty training. He was doing good the past few days, but had 1 accident today.


Pupdate 5/19/2020

Ace working off leash with his buddy, Archie, today. This morning wasnt feeling to well and had an accident in his crate. He has diarrhea all day, but was running around being his normal self. I will keep an eye on it, to see if he feels better tomorrow. He took a bath and took a nice long walk around the neighborhood, all off leash. He had to take a little nap on the side walk to finish his walk.


Pupdate 5/20/2020


Pupdate 5/21/2020

Today Ace and I went to a park to work on his off leash commands. He did an awesome job! We walked by ducks and geese, he didn’t try to go after them. He completely ignored them and followed all commands. A few of the Offleash SoCal trainers met up with us today, so Ace made some new doggie friends. Ace is feeling a lot better today, his poop was back to normal. No accidents in the house today.


Pupdate 5/22/2020


Pupdate 5/23/2020


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