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Basenji Dog Training | Ace | Santa Monica, CA

Ace, a Basenji from Santa Monica, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal SoCal Board & Train dog training program. Ace was trained by dog trainer Katie Lapin in Los Angeles, CA

This is Ace, a 4 month old Basenji from Santa Monica, CA. He is here for our three week puppy program. Ace is a very independent puppy who loves to explore new sights and smells. He loves new friends too! He bites everything and anything he can put in his mouth, takes the lead while going out for a walk, and does not know any basic commands. Over the the next three weeks, Ace will know the fundamental commands and much more so stay tuned for his pawsome transformation!


PUPDATE 3/22/2021


PUPDATE 3/23/2021

Practicing against corners help with teaching Sit

Also worked a little bit on Heel so he gets in the motion of not pulling on the leash.


PUPDATE 3/24/2021

Sun bathing!


PUPDATE 3/;25/2021


PUPDATE 3/26/2021


PUPDATE 3/27/2021

Very photogenic sometimes Ace!

"Really Katie?" -Ace


PUPDATE 3/28/2021


PUPDATE 3/29/2021


PUPDATE 3/30/2021

Sit on Place with distractions

Used a hoop to help with duration sit


PUPDATE 3/31/2021


PUPDATE 4/1/2021


PUPDATE 4/2/2021


PUPDATE 4/3/2021


PUPDATE 4/4/2021


PUPDATE 4/5/2021


PUPDATE 4/6/2021

King of the castle

Next dragon rider?

Met a new friend today

Did great with distance down!

Basking in the warm of the sun

Ace was not even phased by the koi fish in the pond


PUPDATE 4/7/2021

Getting better at being in a comfortable down command

Tried some door manners near Old Navy

Good down in Petco

Practicing good sit on place while the rushing of the waterfall is a big distraction

He raised himself up like this on the steering wheel portion of the car and it was the funniest thing!


PUPDATE 4/8/2021


PUPDATE 4/9/2021


PUPDATE 4/10/2021

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