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Zeus | Rottweiler | Bellflower, CA | In-Training

Zeus, a six month old Rottweiler, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Zeus comes to us with typical puppy behavior: little knowledge of commands, not walking properly on leash, jumping, excessive barking, play biting, and being easily distracted. Over the two week Zeus will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 10/30/2022

Zeus has settled in well at my home. He is having a blast with all his new friends! He was a little shy in the beginning, but warmed up quickly and is running around and playing with his buddies.


Pupdate 10/31/2022

Today Zeus and I went to Hacienda Park to start his first day of training. He was introduced and conditioned to the ecollar. I had a new OffLeash trainer assisting me with Zeus. We reinforced his sit & down cues, and taught him place, heel & come!

Place is where Zeus must sit or down on a defined object, maintaining position until given the "break" cue— his release word.

He is a very smart boy, and caught onto all of his new commands quickly. Heel is still a work in progress, but he is beginning to walk better on my left side.

Zeus had a great first day of training!


Pupdate 11/1/2022

Today Zeus and I went back to the park to work on his obedience cues. He was very responsive and focused. We worked more on heel today, and he performed a lot better at staying on the left side. He got distracted a few times with other dogs, and was a little reactive and barked. When I gave him the "off" command, he was good at providing me with his full attention. Overall, day two of training went very well!


Pupdate 11/2/2022

Today Zeus and I went to The Block at Orange to work on his commands around distractions. Our new Offleash trainer assisted me today with training Zeus. Zeus was a little overwhelmed with all the distractions. In the beginning he wanted to pull and say hi to everyone we passed. After we walked around for a little while, he was able to settle down and focus on his commands. Zeus did a pretty well for his first day around distractions.


Pupdate 11/3/2022

Today Zeus and I worked on his obedience at home. We practiced all his commands. I used his friends as distractions and let them play while we practiced his commands. He was a little distracted and wanted to join on the fun with his friends, but I made sure he followed through with his commands. Once our training session was over I let Zeus have his fun and play with his buddies.


Pupdate 11/4/2022

Today we went to Boysen Park in Anaheim to work on Zeus' obedience. It was his first day working semi-offleash while dragging a long-line behind him. He learned a new cue, "come to heel"— where he comes around the right & gets into heel position on the left. He did pretty well, but does need to tighten up his "heel"... as he can get a little sloppy still with too much distance between him and the handler.

Duration on his cues is improving! Overall, Zeus did a great job today.

Zeus is pooped out after a hard day's work!


Pupdate 11/5/2022

Today Zeus and I went to The Shoppes at Chino Hills to work on his obedience around distractions. He did very well. He was focused and obedient. Zeus had a few admirers stop to watch him train. Zeus received a few compliments on how well behaved he is.


Pupdate 11/6/2022

Today Zeus and I went to the park to work on his off leash obedience. He did a great job. He followed all his commands. He got to see some horses for the first time. He was definitely interested in them, but stayed in the place command and watched them walk by. Zeus a some soft stool today, so I added anti-diarrhea liquid to his kibble. I will keep an eye on him and see how he is feeling tomorrow.


Pupdate 11/7/2022

Today Zeus and I went to Lowes to train out of the rain. He worked completely off leash today. He did very well. He was focused and obedient. He sat nicely for a few Lowes employees while they pet and gave him attention.


Pupdate 11/8/2022

Today Zeus and I stayed home to train and stay out of the rain. We worked on all his commands. We worked on his door manners, not passing thresholds until told. We also practiced food manners, teaching him to sit patiently and wait his turn to eat. Zeus's stool is back to normal.


Pupdate 11/9/2022

Today Zeus and I went to The Block at Orange to work on his obedience around distractions. There was a lot of foot traffic today. Zeus did very well staying focused and following commands. Even with other dogs being reactive towards him, Zeus ignored them and stayed in command. We had a few people stop and watch him train. He received compliments on his off leash obedience.


Pupdate 11/10/2022

Today Zeus and I took a trip to Lowes to work on his off leash obedience. Zeus did very well and was complimented by a customer on how he was sitting patiently while we were at checkout. At home we worked more on his door manners and food manners. We also worked on food refusal, teaching him to ignore/leave food I would drop on the floor. Zeus I worked on the Out command, dropping objects that he has in his mouth.


Pupdate 11/11/2022

Today Zeus and his buddies, Tuque and Bo, went to the mall to work on their obedience. It was very busy, so he had a lot of distractions to practice around. He was a bit distracted with all the commotion, but as we walked around and worked on his commands, he settled down and started focusing.


Pupdate 11/12/2022

Today Zeus and I worked on his obedience at home. We practiced all his commands. We worked more on his Out command. Zeus can't wait to go home and show you everything he has learned!


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