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Zelda | Australian Cattle Dog | Irvine, CA | In-Training

Meet Zelda! Zelda is a 10 month old Australian Cattle Dog from Irvine, CA and she is joining us for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Zelda struggles when out for walks since she tends to pull heavily on leash and barks at passing dogs and people. Zelda also jumps up and tugs on the leash and loves to jump when greeting new people. Zelda tends to eat random objects off the ground and loves to chew on anything she can get a hold of. Overall, Zelda is a sweet and loving girl who is ready to learn! Check out her 14 day progress!


Pupdate 7/17/2022

Zelda and I spent the day getting to know each other at a park local to my home. She seemed to warm up to me quickly but was still a little unsure of me. She did try to jump up at me a couple of times while we walked so I could give her attention or she would lay down on the ground and refuse to move. After about a second or two she would catch up to my pace. We introduced Zelda to the e-collar and started working on her first lesson which was ‘heel’. Zelda found it really frustrating keeping my pace, she wanted to pull or zig zag around me. After a couple of minutes, Zelda got the hang of it. She still tried to pull me here are there but not as much as she did in the beginning. Zelda was such a good girl today as adjusted nicely to my home. She still struggles to get into the kennel like she did during pick up but isn’t pushing back as much as she did this morning. Zelda ended her day with some play time and a walk around my neighborhood. She went potty like normal and ate all of her dinner. 


Pupdate 7/18/2022

Zelda and I worked on her ‘heel’ today around other trainers and their pups. She was really overwhelmed at first and was really confused on which side to walk on. She was a little stressed and overwhelmed being around other dogs and was trying to avoid walking near them. After a couple of minutes she did a great job and didn’t mind being around the other dogs. She does stop and lay down at times but quickly catches up to me. We worked on her ‘come to sit’ command and she did great. Overall, Zelda is learning so much. She ate all of her breakfast and dinner. 


Pupdate 7/19/2022

Zelda and I worked on her ‘heel’ and ‘come to sit’ today at a local park. She did such a great job and is slowly getting better at her heel. She doesn’t pull me as much but will get in her moments when she sees passing dogs. She is doing a lot better with her ‘come to sit’ but will try and sit in front of me instead of the side at times. We’re still working on her jumping since she did try to jump up at me a couple times. She even tried to put her paws up on the counter today while I made her breakfast and dinner. She is drinking plenty of water and is being such a good girl. 


Pupdate 7/20/2022

Zelda and I went to Legg Lake to work on her ‘heel’ and her ‘come to sit’ around distractions. She did such a great job and isn’t trying to walk up to other dogs as much. She does stare at them but it’s easy to get her attention back to me. She did great with her ‘come to sit’ but we’re still trying to perfect her positioning. We worked on introducing ‘down’ today and she did such a great job! It did take her a couple of reps to do it but she is slowly learning. Zelda did have a bit of an upset tummy today so she didn’t eat any of her breakfast. Her stool was a bit watery. She is drinking plenty of water and ate half of her dinner. 


Pupdate 7/21/2022

Zelda and I went to a local park to work on all of her commands around distractions. She still needs a lot of help with her ‘come to sit’ and her ‘down’ but she is improving everyday. Zelda was able to work on her confidence since she does tend to have trouble jumping up on higher surfaces. We worked on jumping up on a couple of slides and rubber stairs. We even worked on going in the ‘down’ position on smaller surfaces. Zelda still has a bit of runny stool but it has significantly improved from yesterday. She ate less than half of her breakfast and half of her dinner. Overall, she is doing such a good job. 


Pupdate 7/22/2022

Zelda and I worked on all of her commands today around my neighborhood. We worked on her ‘heel’ with no leash tension. There were a couple of times when she would try and switch over to the right side. She would correct herself and walk on my side. She still needs a bit of leash guide with her ‘come to sit’ since she still tends to sit further behind me. We worked on her ‘down’ and she still needs a bit of leash pressure. She will at times pop back up and try to sit up. We’re working on having her stay in a down and hold it for a longer period of time. Zelda is still having a bit of watery stool but she is eating majority of her food and drinking plenty of water. Overall, she is such a sweet girl! 


Pupdate 7/23/2022

Zelda spent majority of the day working on all of her commands in my home! She is getting better with no leash tension and is getting better at her ‘come to sit’. She is also doing so much better with her ‘down’ and is slowly learning to hold her ‘down’. She still has runny stool so I added a bit of pumpkin purée to sooth her upset tummy. She spent some time  lounging in my home relaxing. She drank plenty of water and let her tummy tummy settle. 


Pupdate 7/24/2022

Zelda and I went to Petsmart to work on all of her commands. She did really great with her ‘heel’ but would be a bit distracted especially when we passed by the birds. She was a bit overwhelmed today at Petsmart since there was so many dogs. She did all of her commands really well but still needs a bit more time on her ‘extended down’. Anytime she would get a bit nervous she would pop up and try to walk over to me. Overall, Zelda did great and is improving every day. She didn’t have runny stool today and loves the pumpkin in her food. She ate majority of her food and drank plenty of water! Zelda is being such a good girl! 


Pupdate 7/25/2022

Zelda and I worked on all of her commands around other trainers and their pups. Zelda was a bit nervous to be around so many dogs and would struggle to walk by them. She would try and stick as close as possible to my side or cross over to the other side to avoid them. After a couple of minutes she seemed to get used to being around more dogs. She did struggle going in a ‘down’ in front of the dogs but was  able to hold it for much longer today! Zelda is doing great with her ‘heel’ and was even able to ‘heel’ next to me with the leash dragging on the ground. Zelda is getting better at doing her commands with no leash tension but at times will struggle if she’s feeling a bit insecure. Overall, Zelda is doing great! Her stool is back to normal and she is loving the pumpkin purée in her food. Zelda has a lot of free time to play with her toys today and lounge. 


Pupdate 7/26/2022

Zelda and I worked on all of her commands with the leash dragging on the ground. She did really well and was by me the whole time. Zelda did get a bit confused when we were doing her ‘come to sit’ with no leash guidance but was able to get it after a couple of tries. She is doing So much better with her stool and is eating more of her food. Today she did have a bit of a stuffy nose and a small cough so we took a lot of breaks in between training. I’m keeping an eye on her cough to see if it gets any worse. Overall, she is doing such a great job! 


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